Mick Veteran
I use the system of $xxx per drive, lot etc. I figure how long it will take and use $100 - $125 per hr. I never give an hourly rate to keep from scaring people. If you use that method, you'll also want to allow for deeper snow - for example: $25 for 3-6", $37 for over 6" to 12" and $37 plus $1 an inch over 12".

Chuck Smith

2000 Club Member
Another way is to figure the amount you want "per car". For example, if you can park one car in the driveway and your "per car" rate is $10, then using the increment system Mick mentioned, that driveway would be a $10 driveway, for your first increment. Using that same $10, if you can park 4 cars in a driveway, then the first increment would be $40. etc. etc. etc.

In your market the per car rate may be $3, or $8, or $15... To further complicate things, as others have mentioned in other threads, in one town you may get $8 per car, and 5 miles down the road be able to get $15 per car...