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found a 89 F-350 with the v-8 451, 4 speed, with a new clutch. It has 97,000 miles on it. The trucks blue book is a little under 3 grand. The truck has an 8 foot fisher plow (minutemount) from 97 (with a snowfoil) plow has some rust but not too bad. The guy wants $5500 with the plow $4000 without.This truck would be a backup in the winter with maybe a small res. route and a few lots. What am i in for with this truck? Anyone with a similar truck?
Thanks Nick


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Well, in a way, you did answer your own question ...
If the Blue Book is $3000, and a 5 year old plow that is past half of its life expectancy of about 8 years which cost about $3000 installed in '97 would be worth say $1250, then the fair market price for this truck would be about $4000.
A question I have ... is it 4 wheel drive?
If so, are the U-joints, hubs and axels all good? Is the transfer case solid and free of leaks?
Is it really clean and looks well cared for? How is the frame and the floor panels? Is the bed rusted or in real good shape?
If you can say that the truck IS a 4x4 and is in great shape, then I would consider offering him $4500, not anything more because it is not an Auto tranny which really would be much better from the plowing aspect, and only would go that high if the truck is a real cream puff. Take it to a Mechanic for a good look over and second opinion!


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I have two of the exact same trucks both an 88 and an 89. His price seems a little high to me but is encouraging to hear if I do end up selling my 88 in the spring.

As far as what your getting into?? Could be a whole lot of things or not much wrong at all. Exhaust manifolds are always a big leaker on Fords and a pain in the a**to remove and replace. The thermactor tube system is horrible and can give you an exhaust leak. Just had to replace the brake lines as one exploded when I pulled the plow out of storage and had it full of salt and pulling the lawn trailer. Plowing with stick is always a nightmare, because unless your doing the driving your going to burn a clutch in the middle of the storm. (Replaced two on my dump truck in 11 months). Gas tanks are prone to leak, and with dual tanks sometimes dont switch over properly.

After the first storm in december had to replace the Front axle u-joints and the locking hubs. Other driveline U joints could be on the way out if never replaced.

With all that said, I love my trucks and they've worked hard for me for years since I bought them both used. Got the 88 in 96 and the 89 in 2000.

IF it has a bed liner check underneath it as when I pulled mine off the bed was rusted heavily and completely through in some places. Really have to go through the truck to determine if its going to work for you. Trucks that have been plowing usually are pretty rusty underneath from all that time out in the snow and salt, which only makes repairing stuff that much more of a pain. Also look or ask if the front end was built up to accept that fisher plow. Before I could mount mine I added another leaf and had timbrens installed to help carry the weight. If it wasnt built up then you could have some front end work to do such as ball joints etc.

Would I buy it?? For 5500 no way. But if the body were in very good condition with a short list of repair work then 4 to 4500 might be more realistic. Or it could turn into a money pit.

Best of luck.



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sorry 351 not 451 and yea its a 4x4
ok problems--------- No bigtime body rust but the frame and underside is a bit rusty. took the liner off and the bed is scratched but not much rust at all
one of the gas tanks is bad but the otherone was just replaced. the U-joints, hubs and axels all look good and he said they are fine. The front end is stock but it holds the plow really well when lifted no noticeable sag. floor panels are fine. And i think it MAY have a small exhaust leak. What i was gonna do is ask him to get it inspected and thensee how much work its gonna need to pass./

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In my area, a little research done, that truck is around $4000. Depending on condition. ( I'm sure well abused and taken care of ) From what you described, $3500 tops in my book. A pretty good truck though from past exper.
Good luck

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