Price gouging?

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by Young Pup, Feb 25, 2008.

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    I have heard of prices from 254 to 318 a skid for salt. I myself was paying around 200 for a skid earlier this year.

    Do you pass the cost on to your customers or take a loss. I have nothing im my contracts about raising the price of salt in times like this. Curious as to what you all are doing?

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  2. JD Dave

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    The funny part is your probably still making money at that price. Is it your customers fault the price went up. You can probably just cut your spreading rate back a bit and leave the price the same. It will all work out in the end. JMO
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    JP its been 5 years or so, we had the same problem!

    Just put on the invoice, due to the increase price of salt, salt is now Blah blah blah

    No one had a problem with this.

    Dave is also right on his point..... if ur have to raise ur price but if not dont
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    personally i just eat the price difference. by using a good quality bagged product as compared to a bulk product like plain rock salt I have found that i actually use about 1/5 as much product to do the same job. so the 70.00/ton bulk price is actually comparable to the pallet price in the long run as 2500lbs per pallet =$340.00 compared to the 70.00/ton times 1.25 (2500 lbs pallet vs 2000lbs rock salt) $87.50 for 2500 lbs of bulk. So what i am saying is 340.00/5 = 68.00 per application for bagged melter or 87.50 for bulk, bagged only 500lbs is needed and bulk 2000-2500 lbs are needed. I know this may sound like a weird way to look at it but I have been using bagged material only the last few years and i am making more money now than ever before and i don't have the huge pile of salt sitting around all year either! Hope this helps
  5. OP
    Young Pup

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    I would say on most of them yes. But one in particular which is a church and my Mom is a member I was giving a heck of a deal. So that is the only one that I would think about raising. Right or wrong I am debating this issue right now.