Price for Snoway plow???

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I hope this is a legal post and all. I have found a used 8' snoway plow for sale, and was wondering what you all thought about the price. I have looked at it, and it looks really clean. The guy said there isn't more than 50 hours on it. It is a 96 or 97 I believe. He bought it new, and had it on a 96 F250. I'd be putting it on my 96 F250 with a powerstroke. The only thing, is that it needs a wiring harness. He sold his F250 and left the wiring inside the engine compartment. He does have the control box though. the snoway dealer in my area said that it would be around $400 to replace the wiring. the plow hasn't been operated for a couple of years, but has been sitting outside covered. The guy wants $1100 for it. I think I could get him down a little more. What do you guys think? I'd appreciate any suggestions, thoughts, or comments. thanks,

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$1100 doesn't sound too bad... provided it works properly. But when you add the $400 for the wiring harness, that's $1500 for a used plow that's been sitting for a while. I think I'd offer him about $800, and look it over one more time before handing over the green.



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so let me get this straight, you would pay 1100.00 for the plow then go and spend another 400.00 on the wiring harness.
i beleive thats 1500.00, all for a plow that hasn't been used or seen any maintaenance for years.granted its been sitting but how do you know it works?
interesting,when you could have had my plow with a urethane edge and all the necessary parts to make it work
for 00.00!
hows this old man
i will sell you the wiring harness for 00.00 and throw in the plow!!

I just deleted the pricing so as not to look like an ad.

don't ban me for that i was being sarcastic.

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I bought one snow plow 8 1/2' for $650. it had the plow and the control box, but no wiring. I figure out how much wire I needed and began to wire it up myself. you might go to the dealer and ask if they have a wire diagram, which it will make it a lot easier for you



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OldmanKent - Have you looked in Uncle Henry's in the Truck Accesory (sp?) section? Yesterday, I saw several plows for sale. (Uncle Henry's is a weekly publication that lists anything and everything for sale - mostly by private citizens)


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MJ, I get uncle henrys religiously, but all the plows are mostly fisher, and the only one that will work weight wise on my front end is the Light duty 7.5', and I can't do the hydraulic pump in the engine compartment due to the PSD. Thanks for the info though. I have not got one for this week yet. I'll look

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