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price for snow vs lawn care

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Dave does lawns, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. Dave does lawns

    Dave does lawns Junior Member
    from canada
    Messages: 3

    I have com to the understanding that depending on where you live people charge anywhere from $25-100/ hour to mow. I also have read on here that many people residential rate is 30-$50/ hour for snow blowing. I am not talking about plowing, that seems to be a whole different ball game. Where I am we get a fair bit of snow but definitely not as many billable hours as we get with mowing in the summer. no matter how I look at my numbers my snow rates are very high, much higher then mowing and potential customers are saying they are high? not sure why people pay me $250/month for mowing for 3 hours a month and yet we asked $225/month for an average of 10 driveway clearings/month over 5 months and we are too high.:alien:

    Anyone care to share your difference in price from mowing to snow?
  2. shovelracer

    shovelracer Senior Member
    Messages: 525

    Both fields are easy to get into as you need little more than a few tools, vehicle, etc. The biggest difference is that the overhead from the summer services can be spread out over say 150 days give or take where the overhead for snow services is only spread over 10-20 days. Obviously this varies by region where Virginia might get 200/5 and Maine guys might get 120/30, but you get the idea. The problem is that each area will have lowballers, inexperienced pricers, and guys that just are scabs. With mowing though the difference is often much closer in price because of the spread out overhead. In the winter you might have someone that has no credentials asking $10-30 per driveway where many times a legit service might need $30-40 for the same driveway just to cover the overhead of existing for the service, let alone the costs that go into actually doing the work and making a profit, etc.

    In the end though things will always be screwed up in these industries, it just becomes that when economic times are thriving there will be slightly less scabbing because these guys will have better jobs and the customers feel more comfortable paying more for a better service. There always will be exceptions though. I take a look around craigslist from time to time and what I see always amazes me. You have one guy claiming to be legit asking say $25-35 for a lawn or offering major discounts. Then the next listing will be someone offering to cut your lawn using your equipmnent, but doesn't do trimming for $30. There are guys asking $4400 for used plows with no truck side which could be another $1200, where you can go to the dealer and get the same new plow with truck side for $5600. And then you have a legit service asking maybe $50 for a driveway when the scab that flat out tells you cash deal no insurance wants $90. That is not to say these listings are productive, but if you call up 5 electricians or plumbers and ask their hourly rate I bet 4 out the 5 will be within a few dollars of each other and it will not be cheap.