Price Check!! 1987 4x4

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Hey guys...What would you pay for a 1987 Chevy 1-ton pick up. 4X4, 5.7 350 {not origional motor, rebult with 70,000 mile,} new clutch, brakes, new paint on cab, 4 speed manual, bed not in to bad of shape. little decay around wheel well, tail gate and bed solid,a little bondo and paint and it would look sharp. New tires.

Oh, yeah it has $170ea. mags and a lift kit { not my main concern...but it does set it off.

It drives great and sound quite nice...solid...

He is asking $2500. for it.

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If it IS a real 1 ton (Dana 60 front/70 rear, front axle has kingpins and not balljoints) and everything else is good the way you describe (I'm assuming no major work required to pass a safety inspection) I'd go with it. If it is NOT a real 1 ton I'd say "lower" ($2000 tops). Just 1 person's opinion!


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Sounds good to me, especialy if it's in as good condition as you say. Offer 2000 what's the worst that could happen the guy says no and you pay 2500. Then ask him to sell it to you for a dollar on paper and save you the taxes unless you want to use it as a tax deduction.

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