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I have plowed with a pick up,dump and backhoe.I like the dump for doing lots and intersection work and the machine for doing everything from drive ways to lots to streets and the pick up for doing drive ways and clean up work.What is every ones preference to trucks or machins when plowing/Or what would be the most ideal plow vehicle?

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For me: I have used them all, Pick ups, 1 tons, 2 tons, class 6 and 7, loaders, backhoes, tractors.

For me I think a pick up is the way to go. Great visablity, quick and nimble. However I have to live in the real world. You can't run your entire opperation off of pick ups forever. You need to use bigger trucks and equipement. I can and have run every thing we have for snow removel, and wouldn't mind doing it.

However my roll has changed over the past 2 years. I used to do the private roads, with my F 350 dump body and sander and before that I ran the loader,t an old L 9000 with a plow, pick up, and when I was 12 a tractor. However now I kinda drive around and check on everyone, and help everyone a little here and there. I have a small set route that takes care of the accounts that just don't mach up well with some routes. Now because I am checking on everything after my 3 hour route is complete, the rest of the time is spent doing odds and ends. I don't need an F 550 with a sander and a v-plow for doing my route, a F 350 pick up works just fine. I find that the first 3 hours of plowing are the easiest the traffic is minimal, but after that is when guys start needing help.


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