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I really want to put a pre wet system on my v box sander. Wher do I get the equipment or the system? Did you all build them yourself? Could someone give me direction as to where to get the tank lines, and nozzels? Thanks.
Got most of the stuff at a local farm supply shop.Most of the stuff is the same as fertilizer sprayers.I built two myself,one utilizing a hand pump fertilizer sprayer (my test mule),the other uses compressed air.They work OK,but took awhile to get it all figured out.Might be easier to buy one pre-made,or at least a kit you can install yourself.


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I used NYTANK from Weedsport, New York, Jim Yonkers is the guy to there, he is great to deal with and it is a great company to work with they will custom design anything that you want to do. They custom made a system for me that is a pre-wett and straight liquid applicaition combo system, and it was very affordable and was made very good. I will take some pictures and keep you updated on how it works. Just my two cents


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Brine Sprayer

We just finished our first week of treating parking lots with a brine spray. After looking into everything we had ours custom built in Kansas. We use two 350 gallon tanks. One is for production and the other is on one of our 3500 chevy duallys. Back of the dually we have a hitch mount bar with 4 nozzles. We also carry a hose with 150 running feet to spray sidewlks and tops of loading docks. We use two electric pumps and thus far, other than some minor adjustments and getting used to the system, have been happy, now just have to get a good snow fall and see how it works. Plus our state dot is helping with tech data and common sense advice. If u want will get some pictures tmrw of the truck and send them to u and who to call. our cost for productin system and sprayer came in under $2500.00 :drinkup:

i just bought one from swenson for a v-box and have not installed it yet but it looks quality..mine is for a small v-box like a one ton size but you can get bigger tanks for very little more.

my dealer did not have much info or even experience but the swenson tech guy helped out A LOT

it was a thousand bucks

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