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Does anyone on a regular basis use any kind of a pretreatment in parking lots or anywhere? I have reaaly been thinking of using it wether it be urea or any other kind of liquid deicer. I am just looking for input, this type of product is not readily available up here in Maine, and then I would have to get some type of application equipment. But I do a high profile drs office and I would like to expand more into other high profile locations. Thanks all input would be appreciated. At 8:30 this am I am going into my first safety meeting with another one of my accounts, an emloyee slipped on there parking lot, got hurt, there not blaming me but they run all shifts so I was thinking it also might work for them as a alternative to sanding more often.

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I'd start by pretreating with salt. Once you see how well that works then you may want to explore using liquids. You will find that a proper early application of salt, followed by repeat apps if needed, will work wonders. Get away from the archaic concept of letting snow pack on and then dumping sand on top of it. At best, sand is a poor way to deal with the problem, it doesn't work, it makes a mess, and it's too expensive.
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Ditto Alan's comments. Putting an app of salt down when it first starts sticking makes all the difference in the world. Keeps things safer until you hit your trigger depths, then when you are pushing, you are generally clearing to bare pavement or the next application after plowing will get it to black & wet.

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If you want to try Magic Salt or liquid Magic -0, contact me. I have some of each. I'm in Palermo.

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