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pre-season sale: 8' Ford SD bed

Discussion in 'Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum' started by BSDeality, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. BSDeality

    BSDeality Senior Member
    Messages: 736

    8' bed off a white 2001 F350. comes with tailgate, bumper, lights. Its in good shape. not perfect, but good.

    $600 for plowsite members. Buy it now pre-season.... just in case you back into a light pole :)

  2. GatorDL55

    GatorDL55 Senior Member
    Messages: 122

    I see you had to use the BFH (big frickin hammer) to get it off...
  3. BSDeality

    BSDeality Senior Member
    Messages: 736

    actually used the torch to cut the heads off. no damage the bed itself.
  4. speralandscape

    speralandscape Member
    Messages: 84

    Is there any rust bubbles starting on the fender flare areas?
  5. BSDeality

    BSDeality Senior Member
    Messages: 736

    just went outside to check, no bubbles but there are 3 or 4 spots in the inside of the wheel well on the lip that were rusting and someone touched them up. they're about the size of a nickel. Its not in a cancerous state yet by any means.
  6. Elite Property Services

    Elite Property Services Senior Member
    Messages: 230

    Man if you were only closer my 99 has the cancer. I have been looking for a tailgate. Great Price IMO