Pre-salting (your opinion)


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How many of you presalt lots?

I was thinking about presalting our lots before we got 2" the other day, but wasn't sure of the result I'd get. I'm not using Magic and wasn't sure what the weather was going to be like the next day.

Can you all give me some direction.

Who presalts? Does it make sense to you? How much snow will untreated salt melt? What else do I need to know?


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DEFINATELY pre-salt! Getting an active brine layer going early will prevent a build up from traffic packing snowfall on the surface. I can't give you exact numbers, but I know that an early app will oftentimes eliminate a plowing in a long running storm. And it will also often eliminate the need to salt after the storm is over. An early application (anti-icing) is far more effective than waiting until you have a pack layer to deal with (de-icing). We're seeing black pavement within hours of the end of snowfall with an active anti-icing approach, our competitors, using either de-icing or, worse yet, SAND, are not getting the early color that we are. You will also find that the brine layer makes plowing much easier and having the salt down early keeps better traction for traffic in between plow passes.

Also, anti-icing will use less salt than de-icing will. No matter how you cut it, early salting is a pure win situation.


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We are using magic salt in bulk this year, and we presalted before our 2" surprise om friday. It did two things for us, one kept the pack from forming on the pavement. At our hotel we take care of, they remained black and wet all day, we never plowed them, it also prevented a refreeze at night when temps dropped to the single digits. I can honestly say that we eliminated at least one plowing. If you have sights that see alot of traffic, it may not melt all of the snow, but it will keep the bottom slushy, and prevent that bond.
If you have lots that wont see traffic, just let the snow pile up, then plow once. When all done a thin coating of salt will open it right up when the sun comes out.
I also agree with Alan that that the lots blacken up right away. My lots were all black and wet, while my comp was out putting sand on top of the packed snow. Also when ice in the forcast, it is much safer to presalt then to wait till the ice is down.

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