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Pre salt Pricing


Senior Member
des moines iowa
Have a question, have a parking lot with 240,000 sq feet and about 10,000 sq of sidewalks and wanted to quote the charge for pre salt in liquid form using a brine solution. We are planning on building are own brine tanks and using a truck mounted 300 gal tank with a sprayer that reachs 30' with a 150 hose attachment for hard to reach areas. any help is appreciated.


Senior Member
Central Indiana
I charge per gallon.... Just as you would if you put it down per bag or per ton.

In my experience you can reduce the salt use by up to 50% with anti icing compared to de icing. There are many variables in liquids.

What product are you using and how much is it per gallon?
How many gallons of your product do you apply per 1,000 sq. ft. ?
Is your boom 30' wide?
What are the trafic paterns on this lot?
Are you applying it with a fan or solid stream nozzle on the boom?

Call or email me if you would like to discuss this more.