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pre 98 dodge diesel

Discussion in 'Ram Trucks' started by bow2no1, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. bow2no1

    bow2no1 Senior Member
    Messages: 338

    right now i have a 02 chevy 2500hd..... my last truck was a 94 dodge ram with a cummins that had pumped up a bit.
    i got rid of it because it was rusting out and the transmission went.

    i want to get a new truck in the spring, i was thinking if i could find a well taken care of pre 98 dodge ram with a cummins i might go for that.

    my question is, anyone plow with one of these? and what do you think? my last truck didn't have a plow on it. any other comments thought definitely welcomed
  2. buddymanzpop

    buddymanzpop Senior Member
    Messages: 603

    You will have to go far to the south or to the west to find a Dodge Cummins that old that's not rusted out, otherwise we'd all be driving them.
  3. bow2no1

    bow2no1 Senior Member
    Messages: 338

    already thought of that.n figured if if can get what a want 200+ miles i would be ok with
    CT or RI is about the furthest i would go. i thought i would push to find something locally. i'm not planning on doing anything until april or may
  4. justme-

    justme- 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,138

    You're not going to find much up here that is not rusted and is for sale. I have been plowing with mine since I got it- about to do doors, one rocker, and fender lips from rust.
    Love it for plowing - tons of power and still street drivable. I worry about turning the pump up any and putting out too much power versus traction. I find I so spin the tires more than a buddy with a gasser simply because of the torque coming on so quickly - he has time to start moving from idle before the torque hits.

    Limited slip is a must in the rear, and watch the plow you choose- most of these were not rated for plows due to the front axle gwr - but they handle a plow fine. I trussed my front axle (con-fir).
  5. bow2no1

    bow2no1 Senior Member
    Messages: 338

    figured i have plenty of time to look around and see whats out there.
    i loved my last cummins, i only has a #10 plate in the pump, dual 4" exhaust...1 in to 2. aem intake
    boost elbow, and the silencer ring from the turbo removed also column gauges.

    the biggest problems i had was the rust and all the friggan tie rods in the front end. i had the death wobble bad. i replaced all the front end parts, trac bar and i put in a dual stabilizer kit. and a year later it did it again.

    i guess i just miss that cummins power

    how about this one? looks like it was well taken care of

    easy miles, with a burnt out tranny........:rolleyes:
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2011
  6. bow2no1

    bow2no1 Senior Member
    Messages: 338

    this one does look like it's in nice shape,
    it's one 30 minutes from me......i'm just not ready to buy right now.... i go back to my full time job the 1st of april. when i go back to work i will be ready to buy. april/may.... i'm just looking to see whats available.

  7. plowin-fire

    plowin-fire Senior Member
    Messages: 220

    I had a 98 Dodge with 12v before my Ford. The dodge had way more power. didnt plow with it. Just a truck puller and street truck. I do like the ride of my ford better though.

    I have been looking for another 98 12valve as well and they are hard to come by, either have 300000 miles or rusted and beat to crap.
  8. NBI Lawn

    NBI Lawn PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,797

    Or $25,000+ :dizzy:. I looked for a nice '98 12valve and found a couple down south that were completely rust free and had under 100K on them but the people wanted a small fortune for them.
  9. justme-

    justme- 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,138

    death wobble can be caused by a lot of things, including bad/worn steering box and control arm bushings. Track bars are junk and having to replace them every year if you use a stock style replacement is very common for a lot of trucks.

    If you read a dedicated Dodge diesel forum you'll see lots of that. I went through the wobble myself recently again - new tie rods tamed it but the steering box is shot as is the stabilisor. Control arm bushings will be changed to poly this summer, new Redhead box (skip PSC), and conversion to 3rd gen type track bar all on the list for the warm weather. Watch which conversion bracket you buy- some interfere with push plates.
    Only a #10 plate... a 10 plate is more than enough to toast an auto, even a beefed up auto. #10 is a #0 with a limit on the low end to control smoke IIRC. I'll be going to a #6 or a #4 plate - just bumping up 50-75 hp.

    the 1998 12V is part of what is called the Holy Grail truck - the perfect example is a 98 12V quad cab short bed. quad cab was introduced in 98 (4 door), and with 12V being limited to less than half the year in production.... they are always commanding a premium price especially with low mileage and southern or dessert lineage.
  10. bow2no1

    bow2no1 Senior Member
    Messages: 338

    yeah i know i was a dodge cummins enthusiast for a few years, i helped create "turbo diesel of new england" a few years back. when the tranny went on my truck that was the final straw. the truck needed a bunch or rust work fixed, tranny went at about 180,xxx miles. i just couldn't afford to keep it goin.
    i'm going to look around if i can find a 12v 94-98 nv4500 with decent low miles. i might go check that one out on CL, and if it's still there by april i might buy it. not allot of people are buying right now.
  11. plowin-fire

    plowin-fire Senior Member
    Messages: 220

    Just saw a 98 quad cab short box sell for 9 grand here the other day. Had 120k on it..
  12. Stik208

    Stik208 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,319

    Add the 97 F350 PSD to that list, and a clean LBZ Duramax as well.

    DAFFMOBILEWASH PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,602

    Add the pre-emmissioned 07.5 and under trucks to the list in a few years....

    A 98 12 valve, leather and a 5 speed manual is like finding yellow flakes in your pan... But they are still worth the extra money IMO.
  14. MrPLow2011

    MrPLow2011 Senior Member
    from Boston
    Messages: 276

    If you dont want to drive far and you can find one idn decent enough shape with door bottoms rotted out and rockers. its not all that bad to fix them. You can call Keystone and get replacment parts. They are fairly cheap too. Like 125 per panel. If you look for the entire panel its about 800 for that rocker panel and is tons of work. I had a set done on my old dodge for 400. they cut out the old one. welded in new one and used that heavy duty paint that is chip resistant. That way they wouldnt have to get into blending paint. You can find door bottoms also.

  15. MrPLow2011

    MrPLow2011 Senior Member
    from Boston
    Messages: 276

    why a 97 Powerstorke? i could understand if you said 03 with a 7.3 But 97 ehh
  16. Mark13

    Mark13 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,796

    Alot of guys like the OBS (old body style) fords more then the newer ones. You'll see a clean 97 7.3 rc/lb F350 srw go for more then a 01 of the same truck. They were some of the toughest pickups made and farmers and contractors love them.
  17. bow2no1

    bow2no1 Senior Member
    Messages: 338

    i'm a cummins fan all the way...nothing else will do it for me
  18. got-h2o

    got-h2o 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,440

    I have a 95 in my plow fleet. It was a pig and wouldn't push much of a pile over, but a #10 plate, delivery valves, 4" exhaust and a cold air and it woke it up a lot. It doesn't compare to My Dmax or 6.0 PSD stock, but it's a good old work truck and plenty capable of pushing an MVP in the worst of it.
  19. got-h2o

    got-h2o 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,440

    I'd get another one, but pretty much only for the cost factor. You can get in one for around the same price as a nice mid 90's gasser and it's capable of much, much more.
  20. justme-

    justme- 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,138

    Heard a lot of issues with the engines in the 3rd gen Dodges, not so sure they will be grail trucks.
    I think 02 was the last year for 7.3PSD, wasn;t it? Driving one right now as a DD (borrowed). Not a bad truck, but the turning radius is crap and the ergonomics for the driver are horrendous.

    got-h20 sounds like something was wrong with your 95 originally - most likely IP timing slipped. Mine was a BEAST from day one. Getting a little tired the past couple of years - I know I have a few issues fuel related and likely timing. Still pushes anything I put in front of her (stock engine too), just needs the traction. #10 plate and Delivery valves... it should be a monster now. Most guys don't opt for DVs until they have stage 3 injectors and are heading for twin turbo's.

    There's a 98 QC I know of needing an engine 0 contemplated putting a used 12v in it, would still cost less than buying one!