powerstroke or cummins

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  1. Bibbo

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    :help:i was wondering what you guys like more. the 7.3 powerstroke or the 24 valve cummins? what has more power? what can you get more "bang for your buck for" performance wise? whats more reliable and easyer to maintain? i love the ford but i know guys that swear on there cummins. thanks for the help :waving:
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    i think you should post a picture considering this is the picture thread area
  3. ABES

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    cummins all the way.
  4. OP

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    heres the two side by side the cummins and the 7.3:nod:



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    I am a Gm guy so I like to 6.6 Duramax, but if I had to choose, I would go with the 7.3 Power stroke. I would buy a Ford before I buy a Dodge. Jmo

  6. Snowguy01

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    cummins is a great strong motor

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    Both have proven they are a long lasting motor, although the cummins has more room for power gains with aftermarket parts and is also a much lighter engine than the tank of a 7.3. You should buy the ultimate 6.6 Dirtymax with allison tranny:salute:
  8. beaver2

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    I like the 7.3, good motor. It'll never be the same power as a 24 valve though.

    The cummins will be cheaper to hot rod than a powerstroke. It is hard to get insane amounts of power out of a 7.3 because of the HEUI injection system they use.

    Some of the 24 valve cummins had problems. I forgot which years, but stay away from the 53 block cummins. With the cummins, you have to make sure the killer dowel pin has been addressed.

    A p pumped 12 valve is the ultimate engine for a pickup.
  9. 350-CHEVY

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    Rather Be Stroked Then Rammed
  10. lieutlamson

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    Both engines are great motors. However the 5.9 Cummins gets better fuel economy and can make a lot more power than the 7.3. If you had an older cummins before they went to common rail you can modify the injection pump, install some injectors in it easily and be well into the 350hp range for very little money. On the other side I had a 7.3 that never let me down. But the HEUI system has its limits and unless you want to spend some big money on injectors the power output is no where near that of the cummins. There are some guys out there with big power 7.3's and 6.0's but just ask them how much it cost to get there. The 5.9 can handle 500+ HP on stock rods where 7.3 had powdered metal rods from 01 to the current 6.0 that limits the power. Right now my father still has my old 7.3 and she dynoed 311HP and 680 lb ft of torque. The truck has a 120HP chip, DTT trans, ATS turbo and and EDGE box. Respectable numbers but my duramax dynoed that when it was stock.
  11. PremierLand

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    Rather Be Cummin Than Strokin!
  12. Idealtim

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    Buy a dodge and a ford and put the cummins in the ford.....

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    Old school Cummins 12valve all the way. Sure the Dodges have thier weak links, all small trucks do. But for the performance durablility and hot roding ability, I would say Cummins. Keep in mind ALL plow trucks will need a part or two in time and every one has thier prefrence, but the 5.9 Cummins is hard to kill and as dependable as they come. Keep on reading and researching, then come to your conclusion.

    For me I own one of each just to be non biast, although the FORD L7000 with the Cummins is my fav.

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  14. Fiafighterdude

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    cummings all the way
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  16. Mark13

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    From what I hear a late 97-98 12v cummins with the nv4500 is a hard truck to beat for potential power and durability.

    To be Cummin you got to be Strokin and to be Strokin you got to be as hard as a Rock.:gunsfiring: Get a dmax backed by the ally.:nod:
  17. sno commander

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    i think its called cummins i would take the cummins all the way fords suck:D
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  18. powerstroke_7.3

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    cummins has quite a bit more power than the powerstroke but if your looking to do any towing or a very realiable engine get the powerstroke i havent had a single problem with mine yet
  19. creativedesigns

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    Lets see a Cummins do this!! :D ....POWERSTROKE ALL THE WAY!!!! tymusic

  20. JCStrasser

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    How about a Ford truck with a Dodge Cummins engine and an Allison 3000 transmission


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