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Hey,Gents I had two bolts on lift cyl. base blow out.Worn threads,I was told.I ordered a new base&strainer-center base on E-47.I was just wondering how much some of you guys pay for power unit repair work? Way to many small parts in there for me to mess with!I have a mech. lined up but dont know how much it will cost yet. Also,can you mix brands? I saw a 8ft.meyerplow with a western power unit? in my local paper for $350.00 I guess it only matters if unit has power angle!RIGHT??? THANKS,Uncle Bob


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One of my friends has the exact same setup on his truck, although he did have to modify how the plow A-frame mounts to the truck half of the plow frame. I'm not sure if you could bolt a Western pump to a Meyer frame. His modification welds are always breaking though so if you look at it make sure you really check it out, and ask why he pieced it together.


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Mixing brands

With regard to the mixing of different brands of snowplowing equipment, I have done the same thing (Monarch powerpack, control box & lift ram with a Western moldboard and my own fabricated A-frame, harness & mounts) but I agree with gitzenlandscape - check it out closely and find out why it was pieced together. In my case, I used the best parts out of 2 different used setups I had bought (Western and Arctic) and did a bunch of my own metal fabrication - being a welder by trade I didn't have any problem in that department. Anyone planning something similar, just remember there will likely be some custom fabbing involved. As for reliability it will depend on how well the work is done - mine is into it's 3'rd season so far with no problems. Sorry I can't offer any input on the subject of repair work cost though.
Do what I did a long time ago. Take the Meyer off, sell it to some poor, unsuspecting guy, put an Arctic on(or Fisher or Frink or something else that uses a non-custom pump.)

The non-custom pumps seem to have more engineering depth to them and are less expensive to repair. For example, Arctic/Frink and others use the Monarch unit and a remote lift cylinder. A complete rebuilt/exchange unit can be had for no more than $400. In less than the time it takes to try to troubleshoot my old Meyer (and I had to do it often), I can root out the wornout Monarch, pull the hoses and re-install a R/E unit with a warrantee.

I say this respectfully, because I have read that you like your Meyer. However, you make your money plowing, not troubleshooting and paying outrageous prices for inferior parts.


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I've seen a few trucks around with meyer E-47 power units on fisher plows. It puts the lift arm at a funny angle but other then that it looks like it works fine. Angelos Supplies http://www.angelos-supplies.com advertises that for $99.00 plus parts and freight they will rebuild your western meyer or fisher power unit. I never tried it though because it doesn't specify how long they will have your pump for.

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