Power Steering Box and Repair Manual Questions


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Possibly a dumb question, but here goes. I'm installing a new (GM dealer) power assisted steering box in my '83 G20 6.2 diesel van, and wondered if I need to add gear lube to it, and if so, how and where? Also, can anyone recommend a good repair manual for chevy vans? I've decided to do most of my own work on this beast after being "stung" on a some recent repair jobs. The Haynes manual I now have is lame at best. Is the Chilton any better? Or should I bite the bullet and get the GM set? Any input would be appreciated.
Currently replacing the heater core. Almost as much fun as a root canal!

John DiMartino

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The power box needs no additional fluid,other than the power steering fluid.The heater core in the G-vans are loads of fun arent they?The last one i did was on a Church van,and i did it cheap for them-they are very time consuming.I cant recommend a mnaual,I use Motors professional edition and ALL Data on computer disc,at the shop.The best manual is Helm,th one the dealer sells,its between 90-140 for each one-ouch.


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Thanks for the tip! Where could I buy the "Motors" manual you were talking about?