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Power Scoops anyone?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by MowingisMaddnes, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. MowingisMaddnes

    MowingisMaddnes Member
    Messages: 85

    Is anyone using Power Scoops? The ad I have seen is Power Scoops by Sterrett Products...
    I like the idea of moving more snow...it seems like a good thing


    What are the disadvantages?
  2. MowingisMaddnes

    MowingisMaddnes Member
    Messages: 85

    Power Scoops go on the ends of your plow making it like a box...a containment plow...

    Anyone, anyone, Bueller???
  3. Garagekeeper

    Garagekeeper Senior Member
    Messages: 459

    Power Scoops

    Very easy to install on most plows.
    Will do the job to keep the snow contained in front as you discribed.
    And when you need to use your plow for normal plowing just remove the pin and slide the Scoops off.
    :rolleyes: John.............
  4. sbrennan007

    sbrennan007 Senior Member
    Messages: 350

    Just went over to my buddy's house last night to see his. He had just bought them. They are very heavy and appear to be very well made and durable.

    They mount on the back of where the snow shoes are and have one pin to add/remove them.

    I am thinking of getting them for my truck now. Just wondering about the pro's/con's.

    Total cost was about $320.00 out the door... :rolleyes:
  5. bison1973

    bison1973 Member
    Messages: 69

    I have Power Scoops

    I bought a set about 6 weeks ago and just got them yesterday. Shipping was obviously extemely slow. I want to put them on my Sno-Way and they recomend bolting them directly to the shoe bracket itself- this seems kind of weak to me. So I'm going to have to remove the shoe bracket and drill some holes and mount it to the plow. Also, up at the top they don't butt right up to the edge of the plow (there is a gap)- at least on the Sno-Way they won't. Also, they only recommend plowing inthe straight position.
  6. MowingisMaddnes

    MowingisMaddnes Member
    Messages: 85

    Ok, I am starting to see some of the pro's and cons's.

    You can't angle the plow while moving in a straight line(will bend the scoops).

    Has anyone used these things???

    Where are you guys buying them at? aj

    CARDOCTOR PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,312

    try mill supply
    i think their $300

  8. mike9497

    mike9497 Senior Member
    Messages: 466

    sell your plow and by a V or a blizzard.you can do anything you want with those plows