Power Chips in Super Duties


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I have talked to a Ford Commercial Fleet Service Rep.

He states that a Power Chip will logg a code in the trucks OBDII, and the only way to remove it is with a Ford computer. Take it for what it's worth

The code is enough to voide your warrenty. Most dealers don't care if you have a chip, till it starts causeing porblems or the owner causes problems with the dealer.

I know this could all be BS, but decided to pass it on.



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yes it will log into the computer. I think that it is illegal for a dealer to void your warranty for using aftermarket parts on a new car/trk. it has something to do with a lawsuit that a bunch of aftermarket (example K+N, Hypertek, Hooker, MSD etc.) brought against the big 3. they will TELL you that its voids the warranty, but i don't think that they can legally. I think they can void the warranty for adding "internal engine or driveline components (stroker cranks, hot cams etc.) and for "using the vehicle outside its normal intended perpose (drag racing etc.)" to make a long story short a dealer may tell you alot of things but most of the bolt on parts that you put on a truck will not void the warranty.


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That chip will change the operating perameters that the engine was warrantied for thus allowing the MAKER of the truck to void the warranty. That law suit was for bolt on parts that had no effect on the original design and operating functions of the truck.
Why should ford warranty a tranny if a 100 hp and 200 ftlbs of torque are added. That tranny and drivetrain was not designed for that. And then you remove it to try and hide the fact.