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I have a lot that is in ruff shape. It is a paved lot but has a few big pot holes in it. The owners don't want to pay to get the lot re-paved because they are moving to a bigger building next year.

What could use or do as a quick fix so I don't bust up my self plowing this lot?


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If the owner don't want to repave the lot then it should be patched up well. It should be a quick fix. You don't want to beat up your snowplow more than necessary.


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ask the owner if he will pay for materials for you to repair it

go to your local asphalt plant , get some finish and some tack and patch the holes

shouldnt cost you more than 50 bucks for all

run it over with your truck tire to compact it

you may even make money if you pitch it right(to him)

SlimJim Z71

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You can buy bags of asphalt to fill in potholes. I've got a lot similar to the one you describe. If they won't even do that... I'd walk away. You can do some major damage to your truck, and yourself (trust me on this one) on lots like that...



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get some cheap ole unwashed gravel and fill the potholes up and then water it down good and pack it with your truck tires. helped a buddy do this in his driveway, and after it dried it was like a concrete patch. i was pretty suprised.

maybe a cheap alternative to tearin up yer plow
good luck
Mark K

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