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Discussion in 'Questions, Rules, Suggestions' started by repo_man62, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. repo_man62

    repo_man62 Senior Member
    Messages: 502

    Why is it..every so often I notice my post numbers have dropped?
  2. Michael J. Donovan

    Michael J. Donovan Head Moderator, Online Communities Staff Member
    Messages: 1,269

    posts in the off topic forum are not counted towards your overall post count...also, if a thread was removed and you posted within it, than your post count would reflect that as well.
  3. The Boss

    The Boss 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,099

    I've responded to a few threads and my post count stays the same, is it broke?
  4. Sean Adams

    Sean Adams Member
    Messages: 40

    I'll have to check but I do not think there is anything wrong...as far as post count dropping here and there it is probably due to a thread being removed form the site...if a thread is pulled and you posted within the post is removed from your post count
  5. The Boss

    The Boss 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,099

    My count hasn't dropped, it hasn't even gone up responding to this thread.
  6. plsoucy

    plsoucy Member
    Messages: 30

    Posts in the community support forums, like this one, do not count toward your post count as well since they are not part of plowing-related discussions.

    This is why your post count did not increase when you replied to this thread. If you reply to a thread in the Commercial Snow Removal forum, however, your post count will increase.

    I hope this makes things clearer - let us know if you have any other question.
  7. The Boss

    The Boss 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,099

    Thank you.