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Posting of acre plow pricing

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by KCsnowman, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. KCsnowman

    KCsnowman Member
    from Kansas
    Messages: 30

    As much confusion as there is on per acre or per lot pricing, feel free to post your averages on both. These numbers may clear up some of the riff raff from coast to coast.
  2. eshskis

    eshskis Senior Member
    from 4
    Messages: 138

    post your numbers first
  3. w4hyi

    w4hyi Member
    Messages: 60

    I will start it off All of our lots are $75 dollars an hour no matter the size
  4. Mick76

    Mick76 2000 Club Member
    from Maine
    Messages: 2,157


    join SIMA and you'll have enough info to make your head spin!
  5. KCsnowman

    KCsnowman Member
    from Kansas
    Messages: 30

    Most of my lots go from 125-150hr per truck, are you guys charging per truck on per lot, when its by the hour.
  6. w4hyi

    w4hyi Member
    Messages: 60

    pre truck with 7.6 to 8.6 foot plows
  7. Longae29

    Longae29 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,953

    yeah we charge per truck on per lot usually. when its by the hour.
  8. rich414

    rich414 Senior Member
    Messages: 294

    S300 bobcat, $100hr for plowing $150hr for blowing...In an emergency snow removal $500 for the first hour, then $200hr for plow, $300hr for blow, and I am getting it..... and I dont want to do it, but if someone is will to pay...
  9. Camden

    Camden PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 6,604

    You can get $500 for one hour of Bobcat usage? That is incredible.
  10. Pennings Garden

    Pennings Garden Senior Member
    from VA
    Messages: 242

    I don't think there is any confusion about this?!?!? I think it might be confusing to some (very young) people that think they can come on this site so some members here can tell them what to charge so they can then in turn can under cut the same people that educated them.

    It is my opinion that this site is not design or intended to educate people on what to charge. it is intended to help people with technical support, networking, product recommendations, ETC... and of course to shoot the breeze and have a little fun now and then.

    If by "riff raff" you mean lowballers, I appriciate your intentions, but it will not work, trust me.

    Just my opinion
  11. Neige

    Neige Sponsor
    Messages: 2,215

    Ditto :drinkup:
  12. elite1msmith

    elite1msmith 2000 Club Member
    from chicago
    Messages: 2,762

    you got to be crazy posting your rates. 2 days in business thats how long i give you once your compeditors read this and figure out which lots you do
  13. Bajak

    Bajak Senior Member
    Messages: 999

    Good point!

    I wish that some people in my area would post numbers on sewer and water main forums so I could be "ready" for the big dig on my street next year. :laughing: Funny thing is though, No one has the "guts" to even ask.:rolleyes:
  14. elite1msmith

    elite1msmith 2000 Club Member
    from chicago
    Messages: 2,762

    o thats easy, 35 bucks a foot

    i mean , if your talking dirrectional boring 4 inch then well go 125 - well i dont really do that much sewer work..so im throwing these numbers out there, feel free to use them.

    the things is as we all learned it varries too much from state to state. so comparring with other peoples number accross the country doesnt really help

    best advice i could offer for those still in need of a pricing issue, figre out your total true costs. , then find a contractor outside your service area see if he wants to compair. dont jsut go 5 miles out, go 25 -30 hemight not be a compeditor today, but could be tommarow
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2010
  15. T-MAN

    T-MAN PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,363

    He said he charges that rate, never said he gets anyone to bite :nod:

    Here (NE IL) I average any were from free- to $200 per acre. Those are s.f. numbers that may be a driveway converted into s.f. divided into 43,000. And Or a 5,000 s.f. parking lot.
    Hope that helps :drinkup:
  16. dlcs

    dlcs 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,160

    Bah, you just joined and now you are asking for numbers? Riff raff from coast to coast, don't need to worry about coast to coast, worry about KC. What someone on the east coast charges is irrelevant to you. Which I think you know that as you are just trying to find "what to charge". You got any other questions on "what to charge"? Not trying to bust your balls, but not everyone is dumb enough to give up prices. People here have spent years fine tuning what works for them as far as numbers. I question anyone who gives this up easily.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2010
  17. NW Snow Removal

    NW Snow Removal Senior Member
    Messages: 533

    this info is all dependent on the labor available to you
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2010
  18. dlcs

    dlcs 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,160

    ...and knowing your costs to do business.
  19. lawn king

    lawn king PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,085

    Anyone who belevies he's getting $500. for the 1st hour on the bobcat, please call me, i can sell you a bridge in new york city cheap!
  20. Jello1

    Jello1 Senior Member
    Messages: 267

    He says something after the bobcat rates about "and i get it." Which judging by his location of Colorado he's probaly in or near the Rocky mountains. Where 12" snowstorms are nothing. Also he stated that's "emergency rates". So probaly not typical for normal customers. Maybe if he explained an emergency situation. But i'll assume it's if someone calls and says "their plower didn't come" etc.