Post-snowstorm musings...

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Central CT
Some thoughts and experiences this past day from the Lawnguy...

I had a new helper working with me today (first employee for me). Speaks Russian, very little English, but sure earned his keep-finished my route 4 1/2 hours early. I worked the truck, he worked the snowthrower. May be time to add customers. My only regret is not finding and hiring this guy 5 years ago...

Had an owner of a condo instruct me not to sand in front of his unit. My insurance agent suggested getting his comments in writing and sending a copy to the association to cover "our" azzes in case of a slipandfall. Something to keep in mind.

An employee at the body shop (part of the same condo complex) decides he's going to buzz around the property with his Wrangler/plow setup scraping up slush tracked in by vehicles. See above. The letter is already in the mail. Dont want this clown beaning a car and have someone think its my employee. I also mentioned in the letter the construction co. and its guy using a bobcat to rearrange snow piles. Ditto above in the letter. (Good to have an insider at this place to fill me in on the goings-on) Maybe a full moon tonight? Am I alone with these concerns???

GeoffD Veteran
Well we wish we had finished our route early today.

We started an aggressive attack at about 2 am from 2 am till 4 am we had 1/2 of sleet/freezing rain. At 4 am the sleet changed to snow dumping about 4" on the ice.

Last night the roads and lots got an aggressive attack. We allowed the sleet to stack up before the change over for snow. Before the change over happened I loaded up every truck that could salt with salt. We salted all the roads and lots to loosen up the sleet/freezing rain. Then I had every plow bustin up the sleet/freezing rain before ths snow arrived so we could work from tar vs Ice.

The salt worked great I must admitt. Then It was time to battle the 4" of snow. The plows were out in full force, the lots and roads recieved sand/salt. We were able to clean up the lots about 70% during the day, we plan replow and sand/salt late tonight. The condos worked out well, we salted the drives a little, and used the skid steers to remove the ice.

Residential accounts are getting a different attack. The snow finished falling around 1 PM. The 3 residential trucks plowed their drives as normal. Then one of the salt trucks would salt the drive to loosen up the ice, and latter a third truck would remove the ice from the drive. Over all it was an expensive storm to battle we used a lot of salt, and I mean a lot. We had 2 loads from a tri axel trailer dump to restock the salt pile, and have another load due in the morning.

The commercial guys that aren't working on residentials are resting for tonight. The residetial trucks should be finished soon because of our aggressive attack. We plan on sending out every truck and spreader at 11 and hope to be done by 4 am. The almost everyone has thursday off, some will work for a few hours to ready to trucks for thursday night.

Tough storm but we rose to the challenge and won.


Sounds like my first storm I ever battled. First a bunch of ice, then 5" of snow. I thought they were all going to be that tough! :)

I'm just thankful to have had such a busy season already. If my first season was slow, it could have really hurt. I won't have to lay out nearly as much in the future, even taking expansion into account.

matthew Urban

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Western Mass
I wish I had your storm, the forcast as of noon yesterday was 9-12" of snow starting around sundown. This was to be the first real storm of the year. I checked everyone, local weather, the websites, even the weather channel, all were calling for the same accumulation. Needless to say I wanted this to happen.

Well.....6pm no snow.....10pm no snow.....1am no snow....
7am 2.5 inches.....THAT WAS ALL!!!
Never mind the let down of the storm, I NEEDED the $$$$ for christmas.

Now I'm not sure what will happen, "they" are saying some snow on friday. I hope so.


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Seems like this whole storm has been a dud up here in Maine. Last night we had 3-5" predicted. This AM - freezing rain and 1/2". Still predicted 5" today. This PM - nothing. So far this year we've had one 6" and one 3". Please send snow!!!


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