Post Pictures of Your Trucks & Plows Here

Aerospace Eng Addict
Zelienople, PA
One of my hangar tenants decided to hold a political rally at the airport (the runway is getting redone). He got permission from the airport. To keep attendees away from the taxiway and runway, I parked most of my fleet nose-to-tail before I left on a cross country road trip. After the rally, one of the mechanics relocated everything to an unused building pad. I took a picture when I gor back yesterday.

It’s most of my motley fleet, but missing my second broom truck (the airport was using it to clean the new asphalt for painting). The boom lift obviously isn’t used for snow, and the second articulated truck is just a spare.

It reminds me that I had better get moving on the plow brackets and valving so I can get the 12’ plow from the Oshkosh on my tug, and the hoist mechanism so I can get the 22’ plow on the Oshkosh.