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Positions in Buffalo, NY

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Dan85, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Dan85

    Dan85 Senior Member
    Messages: 670

    Hey guys, the company that I work for is looking to hire a few people for the winter to help with plowing. Specifically, here's what we're looking for:

    - Wheel Loader Operator in Amherst. We have a rental machine (~ 3yd bucket) and a 14' pusher. The job is at a large apartment complex, so you should know the rigors of working at such a location. We are going to require verifiable operating experience.

    - Plow Truck Driver or Backhoe Operator in Downtown Buffalo. The route spans about a dozen businesses and one parking deck in downtown Buffalo. You will be working with one other plow truck on the route.We will either have you in a dump truck or a backhoe. Plowing only, but you should be willing to work outside if we get really slammed.

    Just some general notes:

    - Must be reliable.
    - Must have verifiable experience and references.
    - Hours will vary according to snow, but we like to keep our properties pretty clean, so we're out pretty frequently.
    - We are a large landscaping company, so there might be a possibility for year-round work.
    - Trucks and equipment are left on-site, not a take-home position, you will be responsible for getting to the site.
    - Trucks are all late model (05+) and equipped with Boss V-Plows.

    To Apply:

    - PM me your name, number, position applying for, brief work experience, and your desired pay.

    - I'll forward your info onto our maintenance director and if he's interested, he will call you up.