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I was wondering if anyone knew of some dealers that handle Polyurethane cutting edges in WESTERN WISCONSIN. You would think I would have no trouble with the internet and Yellow pages, but I haven't had any success. I need blades ASAP, we might have snow on Tues. I need pieces 51" long, 3"wide, and 5/16" to 1/2" think. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Don't think I'm not ready to plow tommorrow. I have steel cutting edges right now, but they leave rust marks on sidewalks. No good. While I'm on here if anyone has an easy way to get rust off sidewalks without damaging grass from run-off. it would make my day.


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This is a post from another thread by Dino that should help you. I would assume that whatever dealer MTS recommends to you will be able to ship anywhere. The toll free # is 877-742-5180. Good luck.
<If you call MTS they will refer you to your nearest distributor. That person can walk you through the order process. I am assuming if you are running down roads with the plow, that you wont have a lot of downpressure on the blade. You drill the holes, and yes it can be cut to your contour when it is installed.
As I said when I became a moderator, I wont sell through this forum, just glad to pass the info along.
MTS phone # 603-742-5180 ask for vinnie or jack hill
They will direct you where to go, and also they will help with the thickness issue and if you need type 1 or 2
I still belive that a type 1 at 1.25-1.5" will work fine, but they can confirm that for you. Let me know how you make out.


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You could also try http://www.cue-inc.com I recieved info from them today and they sent me a list of local dealers maybe they have someone close to you. Or call them 1-800-283-4621

They sell urethane dont know if there is a difference or if thatsa what you mean.


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Contact CPW 1-800-761-1700 ask for Bill Nero, if they dont have urethane in stock, he will might have rubber. You can use that untill the urethane comes in. He can also ship next day, so you will have the material before middle of the week.

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