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Poly Cutting edges on Inverted Blower

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Gr8WhiteNorth, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Gr8WhiteNorth

    Gr8WhiteNorth Senior Member
    Messages: 227

    We've been using polyurethane cutting edges on skidsteer plows and our inverted snow blower cutting edge for all of our driveway properties. I'm finding they don't scrape down at all. In most situations, they smear a 1 cm coating of slippery and hard packed snow.

    I'm wondering a few things:
    -Do they need to be "sharpened" frequently when they become worn and rounded?
    -Do steel cutting edges on inverted blowers scrape delicate surfaces such as exposed aggregate or pavers?

  2. wrtenterprises

    wrtenterprises Member
    Messages: 73

    I've been using poly edges for 16 yrs, and your observation is definitely one of the drawbacks of a poly edge. Sharpening, at least in my experience, does little to solve the problem. They also tend to dig, and make the plow hop on pavement. All of this said, I still feel they are the best option. You will have no driveway damage, period. They slide over curbs, gravel, and turf with nearly no damage. I can count on one hand how many "issues" I've had with customer plow damage regardless of the type in 16 yrs. They also last a long time, if you buy thick material. the 1" stuff is too light in my opinion. I have a 2" poly edge thats 15 yrs old and still in use. Plus, just flip it over and whoa, a new edge.

    Finally, yes steel edges will mare concrete, asphalt, paver, and aggregate surfaces. Especially if you attack at an angle, the end of the steel cutting edge will scratch and gouge.

    There are good reasons for both, but if your doing resi work with them, and damage is a real concern, poly is a great option....
  3. Gr8WhiteNorth

    Gr8WhiteNorth Senior Member
    Messages: 227

    Are you using an inverted blower?