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If anyone could help me out, I would appreciate it. I am looking for the nearest place that handles poly blades for plows. I have a 51 inch blade on the front of a JD 425 AWS that I use for sidewalks. The problem is the metal blade leaves rust stains. I found a company that sells poly blades on the internet, but their web site left no phone number,no address, or no way to contact them. Brillant marketing scheme on their part. Anyone have any info? Thanks, Jeff


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Why, not just get an oversize cutting edge that keeps the steel off the sidewalk? Use a urethan or some other non steel cutting edge. I bet you will elimate rust stains, only i am sure Dino, would know for sure.



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you can buy urethane or go to your local plastics guy and get so high test wear resistant stuff and drill holes and go to town the pieces I have been using last several season on a blade that small.Becareful with your 425 I had a 455 and shucked the trans axle and they are pricey I ended up just trading it in on a 4100.
urethane blades


Urethane is the only way to go. Get in touch with Dino he is all over this site like stink on you know what as Plow King 35.

You'll find all kinds of poly. Poly is any synthetic plastic. Fisher and Diamond and a lot of other put out a poly edge that is UHMW which is a polyethylene. These last from 15 minutes to several days and weeks dependent upon application.

The Artic Groomer Urethane edge will last for years on your rig I would suspect. I plow with a tractor and I am into my fifth year with mine and haven't yet lowered it to its next down position much less have to turn it over.

I live in north Central New Hampshire and normally have a lot of snow, and 90% of my plowing is gravel roads with transitions to ashphalt. I must plow at least 300-500 miles per season. Hell my driveway alone is Blue Stone and is nearlly 3/4 of a mile.

Don't use just any poly insist on Polyurethane.

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They are right i would just get the cutting edge instead of a whole new blade why speed all that extra$$$ when you can just get the edge.


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polyurethane edges

Like Vinny said...polyurethane is the way to go. We started using his blades last year, and are very impressed with them. Contact Dino Tudisca Plowking35@aol.com he'll get back to you on the price. Were are you located?


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