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Poly Blades/ Pro's & Con's


I have a Western 8' Pro Poly and so far, don't know if I made the right choice.
For one, I figured the snow wouldn't stick to it as much but have found this not to be entirely true. Snow does stick to it, especially wet snow.
Second, it is quite easily damaged. The lots and drives I plow are clean yet I have already punched a couple of holes in the blade. A replacement cost upwards of $350.00.
From what I can see the only advantage of the poly blade is its resistance to corrosion and not having to sandblast and paint the blade.

Kent Lawns

PlowSite.com Veteran
HOLES in the blade?

We have about 10 Poly plows. About 1/2 old Meyer and 1/2 new Boss. The Meyers we had to re-inforce the back, but the Boss plows we run as they came.

We've scratched our plow faces, but never did and significant damage.

True, wet snow will still stick, but to a much lesser extent than a steel blade, expecially when both a couple years old.

We love the Boss Poly's and will be our plow of choice for now.

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Senior Member
Believe it or not I punched a hole in a Meyer 8.5 poly. Full tripped the blade and somehow something punched a hole in the blade. Worst thing is that our local supplier doesn't want bothered with replacing a poly moldboard. They (Zoresco - in Turtle Creek, Pa.) says they can't order that part; I don't believe them.


Senior Member
Even if it helps some with snow sticking it can't be a bad thing. There's nothing worse the going to backdrag from a something and when you back up you see you've left more snow then you've dragged back.:(


Kent Lawns

Really! My mistake then, I was told you couldn't use wings on poly. Sorry for my ignorance guys. Will they still honor a warranty on the poly blade if you run them?



Kent Lawns,
You must of made special brackets eh? Surely you didn't just bolt them to your poly.

Kent Lawns

PlowSite.com Veteran
In fact we did fab a custom bracket that triangulates from the outer support rib to the next ones in (that the sector pins go in)

But the standard kit comes with a backer plate that can be bolted to the poly. The Poly being as thick as it is is certainly as strong as steel in certain aspects. We didn't want to find out, so we fabbed up the brackets. Only about 1 man/hour per plow more time (did 4 at once).

Will they honor a warranty? lol, probably not. We never brought a Meyer plow back to the dealer ourselves. By the time we had them set up and modified, the had quite little resemblence to a Meyer.

Eager Beaver

Senior Member
I have run a Western Pro poly for two years with no breakage problems however the snow does stick to it every once inawhile.
Watch the new Boss V Polys. I know of two plowers that have bent the V's framework on the plow itself and basically ruined the plow wing and Boss will not stand behind them with the warranty.