How many of you use a computer as an integral part of your snow removal business?

  • YES

    Votes: 21 80.8%
  • NO

    Votes: 2 7.7%

    Votes: 3 11.5%

  • Total voters

Got Grass?

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Western New York
Use computer for Quickbook billing, of cource this site. I always have detailed radar & various other weather related screens up.
Now that I have my laptop, I'd love to keep it in the truck with me but I cant justify the cost of a cell connection.

I also have a (police type) scanner at home (illegal in truck in NY). Great for monitoring highway depts. & getting their routes down. knowing when to go back & get the entrance ways & planing my routes.


Chuck Smith

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I tried to vote yes, and got this error....

" vBulletin Message
The action you have attempted could not be performed as your session appears to be invalid. Click the below link to attempt this action again with a new session. "

Clicking agian didn't work either....



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Claverack, NY
No problem voting here. Maybe you should try again this time?

Yes, everyone that runs a snowplowing business and is a Plowsite member uses computer as part of their business. How could you be a Plowsite member if you don't have computer and internet? Just remember that those who don't have computer cannot post a vote here so we should see a poll for YES of 100%.

Many snowplowers here uses plain carbon sheet form for billing. But not for me anymore. A few years ago I built my own billing program through MS Access. It is much more professional that way and it makes my life alot easier.


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I use the computer for my billing, and I also have GPS in my three trucks. This came about due to some customers saying we were not at there site on time (as stated in the contract), and others that we bill on a hourly rate saying we were on site for less time than we actually were.

I decided the startup cost outweighted the cost of attorney fees by the time the season was over.

The system is very slick, say I get to one of my commercial lots, all I do is reset the system, to create a point and when I am complete, reset the system again to create another point. Once I get to the next customer, start the process all over again.

Once I get back to the office, I remove the module from the truck and plug it into the computer to download the points from the module. A print out shows the exact time the point was created, the duration at the site, and the exact time the second point was created. All addresses can be loaded into the program so a map can be printed out of the route my guys are scheduled to complete that morning.


Stamford, CT

Just because someone surfs the net and visits plowsite, doesnt mean that he bills by computer , or uses it to track his trucks via GPS.

Many people use computers, just not as part of their business.

The question was phrased to see percentage wise how many people use a computer for the business aspect of business.

Could the question have been phrased differently?... yes

Does it matter how it was phrased? No because this was not a scientific poll.

Its not like I am using the poll to sell software or anything.


Western CT
I have a computer at my home and now in my shop bay as well as office. All our networked. I bring the laptop into the truck (mounted on a cradle) and instantly bill when accounts are plowed. As the trucks call in completed jobs the time is noted and checked off on the list. This way I always know what has been done.


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Claverack, NY

I re-readed my previous post over again and realized that I was not being specific enough. I believe that it is true that everyone that runs a snowplowing business and is a Plowsite member uses computer as part of their business. Even if they don't use it for billing or tracking, they are still using the computer as part of business when they are surfing on Plowsite.

When I said that we "should" see a poll of YES for 100%, I was not being clear on that part. What I meant by that is that I think all snowplowers doing business and is a Plowsite member is acutally using their computer as part of their business. But I did not realize until now, that not all Plowsite members are doing business. Most of us are, but there are some members that don't do snowplowing business. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

I am planning on attending John's babecue ... oops, excuse me ... barbecue this year. :D Would be nice to meet you there.

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