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Poll on use of different brines

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by PLOW PLOW PLOW, Dec 13, 2011.


    PLOW PLOW PLOW Junior Member
    from MIDWEST
    Messages: 7

    This is a poll for all contractor's who use brine as an ice management tool. What type of brine have you/ do you use? What qualities do you like or dislike about it? What price are you paying for it? For anyone who has used both salt brine and mineral well brine, which do you prefer independent of price? and why do you prefer it? Have you used brine to anti-ice or de-ice? How many gallons do you spray per acre to accomplish your goals for each?

    PLOW PLOW PLOW Junior Member
    from MIDWEST
    Messages: 7

    Just curious if anyone has eliminated their rock salt trucks and are anti-icing and de-icing with brine only? What has been your experiences so far that gave you the comfort and peace of mind that brine is satisfactory?
  3. Kickin Grass

    Kickin Grass Member
    Messages: 39

    I went to a all brine system about five years ago when salts prices were sky high. I use well brine and I like it very much. I use it on drives, lots, sidewalks, dirt roads during the summer. I still have a salt spreader. I have a Switch & Go system for my truck. I can have the 300 gallon tank off and the salt spreader on in less then 15 min.

    Whats good about it:

    What I like about it is that you can leave on the truck over night and it will not freeze, heck you can leave on the truck for a week and it won't freeze. It works well around zero degrees. You can put it down before a storm and it will take up to and inch of snow before it starts to collect. Very good return for your money, better then salt. I can bill for the amount use per drop. I charge by the gallon used.

    Whats bad about it:

    Does not work well during freezing rain or ice storm. It eats up leather gloves and boots. If you get it on your paints there stiff as a board. Needs to be store in large tanks.

    Cost to buy:

    I depends on how much you buy per load. You can get it from .20 to .50 cents per gallon.

    I pumped around 18,000 gallons last year: