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problem with the 6.5 with how many miles

  • Under 20K miles .

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  • 20K-50K miles.

    Votes: 3 27.3%
  • 50K 70K miles.

    Votes: 5 45.5%
  • problems from day one.

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While I don't own one, my Father does. His is a 95 Burban. He had a pump put on under warranty at about 60K, then another at 85k, and a head gasket go (passenger side) at 96K. Both were warranty items as the engine has a 100k warranty from the get go. Then they upped it to the 120K.

Coming up I-95 through Balitmore on a family trip, his crank decided to crack in half! We actually ran it THROUGH the Harbor Tunnel. It was as if it was only running on 3 cylinders, but knew we had to make it through. Got as far as we could and then it started REALLY REALLY hammering! Then it stopped. He had AAA and they towed us home and because it was only 6 miles over his 200 mile tow radius it only cost about $20 for the tow. This crank problem happened at 123K Three thousand PAST warranty :mad:

He now has a Low compression, fully balanced, ceramic coated piston, 300 hp engine in there and it really runs sweet now for the past 25K or so.

Once you ride in a tweaked 6.5, all your thoughts of low power are swiftly wisked away. Now if he can get another 100K out of it, he'll be happy.

BUT!!! IF he would have just gotten a 454, he'd be leaps and bounds ahead in terms of money spent vs. milage gain savings.

That new EFI H.O. Cummins is a sweet engine! Just wish they'd wrap a GM product around it instead of a DODGE.

Joey D

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I have 75,000 on mine and no trouble.

TLS, I read the story your dad wrote on The Diesel Page. That sucks to have a bad motor at 123,000 miles let alone a diesel.


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Just got my 98 6.5td back from the shop tonight. Had the injection pump replaced at 60k. Hopefully I don't follow your fathers suit.

As far as the new cummings engine, the rummored future for cumming in dodge might end as Doge benz nows ownd Detroit. Maybe it might have a new home in pickups????

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yes it does just cover the injection pump and related stuff that goes with it.I had to pay extra for a fuel line that had to be replaced.


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Sorry for the MIS-Information about the milage. Found my Dads post on TDP and here it is....

Originally posted by Tanker @ TDP on 3-14-2002

"Feb 7th 2002, My engine broke its crankshaft while cruising on I-95 in Virginia. At 109,000 miles this was not what I expected. It apprears that the harmonic balancer was the culprit. The rubber insulator between the crank flange and the outer ring moved and allowed vibration to break the crankshaft just behind the 2nd main bearing cap. It broke through the counterweight next to the connecting rods. The block also cracked at the 2nd main bearing, at the oil hole under the bearing, from front to rear. This was the tapping-knocking sound I got, which I thought was a bent push rod, or broken rocker arm, or bad hydraulic lifter. I also lost about 10 psi oil pressure, but it ran quiet under 45mph. Had I not drove it after the noise, perhaps I could have salvaged the block,(maybe, who knows)."

So it was 9K out of warranty at the time. Sorry about the 120K warranty mixup. Thanks Dino! The other milages that I posted above are approximate and are still pretty accurate.

We still don't know wether the broken crank broke the block, or the broken block broke the crank. Either way, many people believed that the harmonic balancer played a big part in its demise.


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We have a truck with this poor excuse for an engine in it. It's got a lot of miles on it and a lot of blow by but it still running at 190k. We've had it about a year and it's noting but trouble, but that's what I get for buying a truck w/o researching a little. It was a learning experience, before all I knew was diesels dont need spark plugs. Now I know far to much about the 6.5 engine. I'm a member of the diesel pages and could probably take it apart and put it back together. Not the one we have though, I'm sure if I took it apart or had a mechanic take it apart about half way through it would become obvious there's no sence in putting it back together. I learned one thing I'll never forget, in reading posts on the this engine at the diesel pages I found many people have found a great fix for their 6.5 woes. it's called a FORD!

Now I love my bowties but if we get another diesel it wont be a GM. Unless they decide to put a cummins in it. I rented a dump from Hertz a Ford with a diesel and it was night and day from the 6.5 and that's about all I have to say about that.


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The problems here have been what I have heard about the sick.5 for a long time. All my friends that have them hate them. I have heard of cranks breaking even below 95K. :realmad:

66Construction you got the right idea. With the addition of a power chip, these trucks become a SERIOUSLY bad azz truck.
Kinda like this load. Grossing around 26K or so and I ran right up the interstate with it at 75 MPH. I have a 75 HP upgrade chip on mine. Could go as high as 120 HP.



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just curious as to what kind of fuel mileage you guys get out of your truck? I went to diesel to get better towing power and fuel milage, but found out i didn't gain to much in mileage. I bought the truck with 57k and about two weeks later had to replace the ecu. In the mid 60k right now and think the same problem is developing. I heard of a kit that moves the fuel pump away from the engine more, but have not seen it. Guess i should've done some research before buying the truck. :eek:
I have a 1983 K-20 6.2 L Diesil has about 185,000 On it and havent had a Problem with it yet, Not a problem as far as power it gets the job done, Took it to a county fair and pullled 13.000 lbs 200Ft. Mind you I was pulling agaist 600hp Pro mod Gas trucks built to the hill my Almost stock 6.2 Put some of them to shame.
Mind you that Diesil trucks run as well as the owner tale care of it. You Dont always have to wait until its broke to fix it. And always Run fuel additves with no alcachol. Remeber theres no sulfer in fuel anymore.


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We bought our 6.5 diesel new in 1996 and started having problems with it in 1999 and got rid of it by 2001. The injector pump went twice, had alot of problems blowing smoke, losing power and other things, I couldnt get rid of it quick enough, I still like Chevy though and traded it on a new 2002 Chevy 3500 dump but with the gas motor in it. Just my two cents