PlowSite Software Upgrade Thread


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I'm seeing some significant delays in posting or "liking" posts. Almost like I don't have a strong signal. My phone is showing 3-5 bars for strength so I don't think that's the problem.
I've had similar issues, more so when loading pics but on my laptop at home. Our service is "Broadband" (line of sight towers with antennas) and recent high winds have affected our service due the receiver at my place getting oot of adjustment. Service guy is showing up on Tuesday to realign. Our service has also been slower since kids are doing on line school and people still working from home are slowing things down.
Michael J. Donovan

Michael J. Donovan

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I did click away, but I can’t make it disappear.
It looks
Like it makes it into cells
actually, it is a table where you can create almost like an excel file, etc. so we can leave it...I was able to click off of it on my mobile and on my laptop without an issue. if you already created cells, click the "undo" button beside it and that should do it