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Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith

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No Karl, West Chester is not a sponsor. Did West Chester make a post promoting themselves?

There is nothing wrong with (or against the rules) telling people where to get the parts they need, or about job opportunities, or about new products or web sites. If someone in your area needed parts you could post where a supplier was, the same way I did.

Lighten up.



Western CT
Chuck is correct. No violation of the rules in promoting someone elses business, just not your own. We are here to help each other. Finding the best resources is part of helping.

Mike Nelson

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Naperville IL
Wait a minute!

There are a lot of people that post here that sell snow and ice products,including me!

We exchange alot of ideas and talk about different products.That is what makes this forum work.I agree that the spam is illegal,but if you are referring to me or the other guys that post here please let me know.
Thank You

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