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Hi Guys,

I bet you thought you wouldn't hear from me again until winter. I have some questions (imagine that!) about Western plows.

Would you recommend a 7.5' or 8' on a 2500HD? The width of the truck (outside of tire to outside of tire) is about 80", and the full angle width of a 7.5" plow is 78"; Is this going to cause me problems? How often do you plow at full angle?

The other thing I am wondering about is the weight; the 8' plow is 710# while the 7.5' is 590#. Can the truck handle the extra weight? Will I need load boosters or the like?

I appreciate any advice or opinions,

Joel B.

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Western New York
In the pix I posted on the other thread, that's a 8.5 Western MVP plow. Truck handles the plow great.
I'm hoping you have the plow prep package with that truck.
Load Boosters are not nessary. The only thing you will need to do is crank up the torsion bars a few turns, but thats a pice of cake 30 sec. w/ wrench.

Go with the MVP. Amazing what the V will do for ya.
Scoop between cars in lots & moving that little spot in the middle of the lot ya somehow missed. V for getting thru. many feet of snow & not getting pushed to the side.

For plowing I wish I had gotten the sort box, but need the space for my summer work.

The only thing I dont like about the MPV is that it really dug into the pavement a bit to much. I'm thinking about going with Polly edge but I hear thay arnt all that great for getting the pack/ice.
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At least 8'.

I'd recommend getting a "V" plow. I went with a straight blade, thinking it would be plenty. Another "live and learn mistake".:(


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I don't recall how much plowing you're planning to do, but a V plow will definately speed the process. Take a look at Blizzard's 810 Power Plow too. I bought one last year and am happy with it so far. Do a search here on "blizzard plow" for performance reports.

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7.5' plow would be too small. If your number is correct, then your truck tires will be packing down 2" of snow which does not sounds much, but when you are turning your truck, then that number will increase alot and that would leave some snow packed. When that happen, it would sometime be difficult to plow the packed snow because sometime the plow would ride up over it. For your truck I would go with 8' or 8.5' plow.


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I have a 95 K2500. its not hd but i have a meyers c-8 on it and it holds it just fine. i didn't even have mess with the torsion bars. but 8' is the way to go. if u can afford it, i would go with a v plow. my likes are boss and western. my 2cents

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Since you've got a good heavy truck, you might as well go as big as you can. Either a 9ft straight or Vee. I've got a '97 8600 lb 2500 and it's got a 9'1" snowway vee on it and there isn't any problems.

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