plows on the newer 1500's

Dave mcjr

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well, I'm about to install a 7.5 foot
western plow on my 2000 gmc 1500 ext. cab
4x4. I was just wondering if anyone else out
there has any experience with this set up.
I have plowed with my 1995 1500 ext cab 4x4
with a 7 foot plow and it was ok. just wondering
if there are any problems with the new trucks i
should be aware of???
thanks for any comments


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Besides the front bumber dragging on the ground it should do ok.
Give the torsion bars a few turns, and some front load assisting
aftermarket kits wouldnt hurt either.
timbren load boosters or
monroe mussels
Dave, I plowed witha 71/2 ft western on a 90 gmc,
94 Yukon, and a 97 x cab chevy.....Never a problem
with bottom out or warranty issues when I broke
the truck...............
When I went this year for a new 1/2 x cab chevy
every dealer said you break no warranty !
Had to go with a 2500 LD x regrets !
Hope your dealer will work with u if u have
a problem...Good luck.......Geo

Dave mcjr

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plows on the newer 1500

before is install the new plow i was planning
on beefing up the front end!!
as far as the warranty i am not too worried about
that because i have almost ran it out of the
3/36 but i work at a chrysler dealer and i bought
a chrysler extended warranty so if there are any
problems with the truck i will just sublet it to
a gmc dealer and have them fix it and charge it
to my chrysler service contract.
my question about putting this plow on the front
of my truck is will i have any problems with the
frame flexing or even bending?
i have heard that the frame has a problem with
flexing between the cab and box. i am not too
worried about flex but bending could pose a
problem.. anyone know this question.

thanks again for any replies and the replies
already made...............dave

Dave mcjr

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well, since i live in minnesota and we
are expecting a snow storm this weekend and
i havent heard anything else about the frame
flex/bend on the new trucks (guessing that this
was a false statement) i will be purchasing the
plow on friday and installing it that night to
prepare the the snow (thank god i will make real
money again)!!!!!!!
are there any other comments out there from
anyone by chance???? by the way thanks
plowking35 i will check into the aftermarket
upgrades that you specified..