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Plowing with my Truck

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by 86burban, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. 86burban

    86burban Senior Member
    from chicago
    Messages: 130

    I recently purchased a 90 ford F250 4x4 with a 351 (50k orig. mi.) and a 4 speed trans. (I know that plowing with a stick is a pain and wastes clutches, but it doesnt bother me.) I also have a used Meyer plow that was from a Chevy truck. My question is, How would I get the Chevy brackets to fit on the Ford? Can I get new brackets for cheap? Or can I weld in the brackets?


  2. Plow Meister

    Plow Meister PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,174

    You can weld the brackets. Or you may be able to get a truck mount for the Ford. I don't know what that would cost but I can't believe it would cost much.
  3. BoulderBronco

    BoulderBronco Senior Member
    Messages: 233

    Trying to fit chevy brackets on a Ford is not worth the time and effort. Check ebay every once in a while as well as your local dealers. You may be able to find used brackets specifically for your truck. I have seen them before on Ebay. If you were to buy new brackets I think you can expect to pay around $300.
  4. alwaysgreen

    alwaysgreen Junior Member
    Messages: 16

    I, built my mount on my '88 250 myself, just used the lower cross bar( where plow mounts) (old Meyers) just call your local dealer and ask what the distance off the ground should be, I'm guessing 11" or so, it also helped that I carry a digital camera in my truck so every time I saw a truck close to mine with a plow I took pictures of the mounting