Plowing with Crew Cab

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by River Hill, Oct 5, 2000.

  1. River Hill

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    Do any of you guys plow with a Crew Cab? I just heard from my Ford dealer, Ford will not let me put a plow on a F350 crew cab with diesel. I need a Crew cab truck, but just want to do a little plowing with it. I have 3 parking lots of about 250,000 square feet total. I am in the mid-atlantic region so we don't get alot of snow but we can get some large storms. I have heard it is real tough to get around with a Crew cab, how bad is it? I will only be plowing when the lots are empty. I plan on doing some sub work for a friend and he will be paying me $95.00 an hour, so it seems like I could make some good money.
  2. JCurtis

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    Why do you need a crew cab? Why are you considering a new vehicle? Thats an awful lot of money to spend just to plow a little !

    Have you driven a crew cab before? They aren't as easy to manuever as a regular cab.

    My suggestion to you would be consider a older truck (Chevy) at least 3/4 ton, regular cab if you are just helping out a friend.

    If you don't have a real need for seating 6 people, and alone require additional storage space in the cab, may I suggest you consider a extended cab.
  3. Chuck Smith

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    I could be mistaken here, but from what I understand, it's the trucks wheelbase that prevents putting a plow on it. I don't think it's Ford, but rather DOT that won't allow it. I had a friend who put one on an old Ford crew cab, but it was a site truck, never plowed roads. Check you local laws. The easiest way, is to call local plow dealers and ask them. If they say "no go" on a crew cab installation, ask them why.
    The same goes for Ford, Dodge, and Chevy. From what I gather, it's only the crew cabs with an 8ft bed that can't have the plow.

    On a "crew cab" note, I saw a funny looking truck the other day. It was a Ford Explorer. What was funny is, IT WAS a crew cab! It looked like a normal 4 door Ford Explorer, except it had a tiny little "bed". The cab ended behind the rear doors. The bed was maybe 4' x 4'. I think it was more of a "looks" thing, than serving any useful purpose.

    IMO it looked really stupid, but to each his / her own!


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  4. iowastorm

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    Hey guys, correct me if I'm wrong, but you're not supposed to put a plow on an extended cab either? Not sure if this comes from Chevy/Ford/Dodge or the DOT. Anybody know?
  5. JCurtis

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    well no matter who it was, either the manufacturers or the DOT, I have seen quite a few extended cabs with plows.

    haven't seen too many crewcabs, although some municipalities are using more them now a days. haven't seen may with plows though
  6. eskals

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    Ford really doesn't like the idea of putting a plow on a diesel truck due the the large amount to weight the diesel inherently adds (I think 400-500 pounds). Now you add a crew cab to a diesel truck (which puts more weight up front), and that front axle is carrying alot of weight. A plow could put you over the fornt axle weight limit.

  7. DaveO

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    It is the weight of the front axle (FAWR) that limits the plow use. Fords and Dodges with the diesels could not be had with a plow pkg, especially ext cabs, until the past couple of years. Since 2K the Dodges have raised the FAWR to 5200lbs, allowing plow pkg's. I believe Ford is the same.

    I have an 01 Dodge 2500 SB xcab diesel with the plow pkg. It has the 5200lbs front axle. The owners manual states that the weight of the plow assy should NOT exceed ~600lbs(ya right), AND no more than 2 people in the truck. Obviously this is for weight reasons. Not sure about the FORD CCabs, I think Geoff might know more....

  8. OP
    River Hill

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    F350 Crew

    Here is the deal with Ford. The do not offer a plow package on their diesel ext. cab or crew cab. The springs are rated at 5200 lbs. They said if I install a plow it would void the waranty. I think the truck would handle it but I would not want my waranty voided.
  9. iowastorm

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    . . . all the more reason to plow w/ an older truck
  10. GeoffD

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    I am not sure on the F 250s and F 350s crew cabs. However my Crew Cabs are F 550, they don't plow only they can plow with out any problem. My Ford dealer tells me, that if its a super duty, any cab, and engine, we will warrenty it as a plow truck. The F 350 Cab and Chassis Crew Cab, may be allowed for plowing.

  11. Lazer

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    I've NEVER plowed in any Ford.

    But I will this winter, we bought 2: F350 SuperCab (for me) and a 550 7.3 Dump.

    Geoff says they're good, I hope he's right, we have just shy of 100,000 into those 2.
  12. GeoffD

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    Don't worry they will treat ya well. Take care of them and they will take care of you. One thing i have always followed is the recomened servere maintmance plan, if your plowing it is recomended. Most of the regular maintmance i do in house. However the 30, 60, and 90 K i have done at the dealer. The 60K maintmance inteval is one of the most important, to keep your truck top notch.


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    Have any of you guys bought the v 10 Fords yet? My brother is looking at one today-1999 with 16,000 on it. Any advice?

    His biggest concerns are gas mileage and durability of the "new" engine.
  14. eskals

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    Head over to

    Go the the gas engine forum. there are some great guys over there who just love to answer questions such as these.

  15. n y snow pros

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    I have a 99 Ford extended cab (always get the terminology mixed up here)the 1 with 2 small doors and i have a v plow on the front and a liquid Magic tank in the back.After 1 season with very little plowing hours on it it feels and rides like a taxi.Its a 350 srw xlt.But its the nicest truck i have ever plowed with.
  16. mike48114

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    We have a 2000 F-350 Power Stroke and we have a 8'2 BOSS And it handels it fine.
  17. finnegan

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    Had a1995 f-150 extended cab we had no problems and could keep all our spare plow parts nice dry and warm in the cab....
  18. plowking35

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    I just saw a 2000 or 01 F-350 crew cab short bed with a new 8' meyer poly max plow. Seemed to handle it fine. Dont know if Ford will warranty the unit, but you can mount it.

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  19. John DiMartino

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    plowing with a Ford diesel ex or crew cab isnt warrantied by Ford because it is overloading the front axle-very simple.Overloading is also illegal,so if you slid into someone and they had a good attorney or state police dept,they will sue you to death for driving an overloaded vehicle,as well as fine you.Ford does not have a plow prep available on ex-or crew cab diesels-its only on reg cabs and 450-550's with diesels.The front axle is rated for 4700,Dana 50 .This is a step below the Dana 60 5200 lb that allows Dodge to put the plow prep on the diesel excabs.If Ford werent so cheap they would put the Dana 60 on and it'd be as strong as a Dodge,then all you guys could be legal,have a warranty and plow with your excab too.
  20. GeoffD

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    We have been through this before. The warrenty depends on the dealer, my dealer will warrenty an extended cab or crew cab powestroke. Many other dealers will also warrenty these trucks, as far as plow package on a crew cab f 450 and f 550, you can get a plow prep package, because i have one on my truck.

    Some dealers just bend the rules a littl on warrenty stuff, they get paid well by ford to do it. I have sean extended warrenties on plow trucks, and that is a no no. Only the dealer loved replacing the ball joints under warrenty every year. Ford allows 3 hours to change 4 ball joints, most good guys can do 4 in 1.5 hours, tell me the dealer isn't making big bucks off that move. My buddy had a 94 F 250, 4 new ball joints every year, now he has a 2000 F 350, with the entended warrenty, and its a plow truck.