Plowing with an S-10,I need some info!!!

I have listened to some guys on the fourm that have really liked plowing with a chevy S-10.I need to know more about this choice for plowing.I got thinking about plowing with one lately.Becouse it would be a good start to getting into plowing with a truck,good on gas,great for residential jobs(I only do residential),dirt cheap parts.If anyone could tell me their thoughts on this that would be great!How well do they hold up???Who makes plows for the S-10???Pro's and con's?????THANKS!


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I don't know if I'd BUY an S-10 to plow with, but if I HAD one, I wouldn't be scared to plow with it.

I have a '91 S-10 now and am contemplating putting plows on it to service tight and narrow driveways we're currently unable to service.

It is quite clear the S-10 makes a better plow truck than other small pick-ups such as Ranger and Dakota.

When I called for plow quotes on it this fall, I think Western was the only one that showed a mounting kit for the S-10, but I'm sure the Meyer 2-meter would fit as well.

If it were mine, I'd custom fit a Boss 7'6" V-plow to it.

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We run two S-10s, both are the older body style, 88 & 91, and both get saddled up with 8' Sno-Way plows. Weight is very close to the same as other brands in the 6-6 1/2 foot range. Pushing power is no problem, I'v never felt underpowered with them, both are 4.3L V-6 and automatic, with axle gears something like 3.48. If I was going to set one up from scratch I'd go with a 7'6" (or whatver is closest) Sno-Way and go at it. I'm not sure about the newer design S-10s, like everything else I believe they have been lightened up to the point ath I would not want one for plowing.

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