plowing with an Expedition?

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I was just tossing around the thought of putting a plow on my Expedition. Does anyone plow with an Expedition. Just curious what size blade you have on it, and how does it work? I have a 2001 Eddie Bauer, it also has the load leveling suspension package, so the front sagging wouldn't be a problem. Thanks

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a few weeks back someone else was asking the
same question and got lots of pros & cons. I
used to plow with a GMC Yukon with a 8 ft.
western with no problems. Of course it had the
factory plow prep pkg. tho. Plowed great too.

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I asked the same question awhile ago.

I have a 1999 EB Expedition (not the load leveling).

Based on my research, I could put a Sno-Way 7.5' plow
on it with no problem. The front axle on mine is 50 lb over the recommended minimum.

I stopped by a local Sno-Way dealer and he said he would just add the Timbren load boosters to the front. He also made a comment that, because the plow unit weighs less than 500 lb, then it would not void the Ford warranty. I had never heard that before and I looked in my Ford manual for some reference to that and could not find anything, so don't know how true it is.

A few years ago I had called Fisher and Western dealers and both told me flat out that they do not put plows on Expeditions.

My expected use would be only my own driveway (600' with a 2000' turnaround). I currently use a tractor with a 5' blower to remove the snow and the ability to just jump in the truck and do it quickly and warmly is very appealing.

I ended up not putting a plow on it mainly because I couldn't justify the cost - about $3,200 before tax (Syracuse NY).

I've only seen one Expedition with a plow on it - it wasn't a real plow though - I think the guy had rigged up a four foot garden tractor blade to the front - it barely covered the front bumper - looked quite funny.

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