Plowing with a Deere Garden Tractor


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I've been plowing with a Deere #322 Garden Tractor for years and just moved up to a Deere #455 diesel. Here in Northeast Kansas we've yet to have our first snow. I've yet to put the #455 to the test and wonder if anyone has used a Deere #455 or a diesel model. Please respond pro and con.

I specailize in driveways and sidewalks and have had good luck with the Deere large garden tractors. I'm curious how many of you pros use the garden tractors for any phases of your snow removal business? My garden tractor is used year- round, mowing, tilling and snow removal.

Thanks, Ken.


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I have a 322 now with blade and cab and just got rid of the 455 with a bad transaxle for a new 4100 4x4 hydro.They work fairly well you will like the manuverablity of the 455 with the foot controled hydro much better than the 322.You will need some weight and bar tires to move any kind of snow quantity.We modified a old series 400 blower to mount on our 455 qucktach and that helped alot for the deeper stuff.

If you have any more questions you can e-mail me.


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I have a 425 AWS with a plow,broom, and snow blower to do sidewalks and small driveways. I love it. I just put a poly urethane cutting edge on the plow so I wouldn't leave rust stains on the sidewalks(a problem in the past) I would suggest putting fluid in the tires. I have a set of tires without fluid for mowing in the summer. With the fluid and 240 pounds of rear weights I have no problem with traction and don't have to use chains. They scratch up blacktop.

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