plowing with a Blazer? 1/2 ton?


Hey guys,

well spent a week during Christmas in the area I will be starting my business, everyone seems to think it is a great idea, and would be very successful, so good news!!!

anyway, do many of you guys plow with Blazers? I'm looking at trying to save some gas milege here with my plow truck, and I know Blazer's and Bronco's do better than pick-up's. And 1/2 ton, how much gas milege would you save by having a 1/2 ton. I'm thinking maybe 305 in a Blazer or 1/2 ton, just can't find any in 3/4 ton's.

still pondering weather to use my 74 dodge, you guys told me yeah, but I really don't trust the rig like I do my 81 Chevy.

well hope everyone had a happy holiday


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as long as the old dodge has good brake lines in it and u-joints not much goes on them. My 78 dodge had 250,ooo. on it and was just as reliable as my 97 gmc at 10,000. The old blazer and broncos are very good plow trucks too but gas mi will not be any better unless you go with a six cid

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I tend to agree with SLP. The Blazer/Bronco's won't get much better milage than the pickups(1/2 tons). The best bet in those would probably be Ford's big six. I have an 83 Ford 4x4 with the 6, and have seen a best of 14mpg highway. No idea about plowing MPG.

For the best milage plowing and everywhere else, you have to buy a DIESEL, and their expensive.

Now go fix that Dodge...LOL



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Depending on what kind of accounts you plan on taking on, it would be hard to recommend a specific vehicle. I assume you are referring to the full size blazer or bronco?

I have plowed in a blazer, a half ton and larger trucks. The shorter the wheel base the beter for accounts that have circular driveways, It will also work in parking lots very well.

In lots and roads I prefer the 1/2 or 3/4 ton pickup. I have also used a one ton dually for lots and roads. I prefer this size truck for lots because you can install a Vbox spreader on them.

Depends on your current budget and the type of accounts you have.

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I have done a lot of plowing with the older Bronco's, pre 1978 models. They were the best for small lots and driveways. 92" wheel base, you could turn around on a dime..


its going to be mostly residential, with a few private drives the first year.

I will probably use my Dodge, but if I make enough money the first year where I could upgrade a little bit then I would probably sell it.

WEll my Dad has a Bronco on it that gets like 17 city 20 highway with 300 I6, and I don't think you get that in a pickup (well maybe with tailgate off?).

thanks for all the advice!!


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I think manuverabilty is key to doing residential, it cuts down on time and you can get under areas large trucks can't. I have always ran small trucks like 2.8L 89' Jeep Comanches and now I have 3.0L 96' Ford Rangers with 6'6" plows that are doning a great job. For the small commerical lots I use '93 5.3L Bronco with 7.5 plow the short wheel base does well when cornering around buildings. As far as Gas goes, we have had 5 plowable events (2" and less) so far and the Bronco has burned 4 tanks and the Rangers have only burned 1.5 tranks each. Amount spent on gas so far is $30 for each Ranger and $140 for the Bronco. What a difference!

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