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Plowing with a 2wd Ford F150 STX?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by DERBYDON, Dec 14, 2004.


    DERBYDON Member
    Messages: 39

    My first year plowing and I have the best of all problems to deal with...I almost have too many accounts to plow with my one plow truck (2003 2500HD with 7.5' Snow Way).

    If I have a breakdown or accident I have no backup.

    I'm thinking about installing a personal use type plow on my other pickup. But it's a 2WD F150 STX and I'm not sure how it would handle pushing. The rear axle ratio on the STX is probably not the best selection and the front end sets way low for a Ford, but I can't buy another truck until next year.
    (Long story)! I am considering adding Timbrens to the front and buying a set of chains.

    While on the subject, do I need to keep a set of chains on hand for my 2500HD?

    So, if anyone has any helpful ideas, I am all ears.

    DerbyDon :help:
  2. cja1987

    cja1987 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,407

    I would not recommend any plow on a 2WD F-150, it just does not have and can't be loaded with enough weight to compensate for the lack of 4X4. Its just not going to work, flat surfaces can be a problem with more then 2" or snow or any amount of ice, nevermind even the slightest incline. You can't go up hills with a 2WD 3500 dually loaded in the rear with 1500-2000 LBS in the snow, nevermind a 2WD F-150. Unless its a snowbear or the likes, you can't do it. Snowbear even recommends that their plows only be installed on 4X4 vehicles. If you are worried about a backup my best suggestion would be to either stop worrying and hope for the best (with an 03 truck you should not a have too many problems), or buy an old truck with a plow for 4 grand or under. Neither of the 2 are great options as old trucks can be unreliable, but if it runs then its better then shoveling if something breaks on your truck. Id be inclined to take the risk and go without a back up or find another plower that can cover for you in the case of a problem and you do the same for him.
  3. bolensdriver

    bolensdriver Senior Member
    Messages: 603

    Chris, I know of quite a few guys who commercial plow with 2wd 1-tons and I've used one myself. They work, but you are right, not as good as a 4wd.

    Buying a nice used truck for $4,000 or less is the best bet as Chris said. Make sure it's in good condition and has no transmission problems, and is able to pass inspection.

    DERBYDON Member
    Messages: 39

    Thanks for the advice. I kind of thought so, but I wanted to hear it from the experts. You are experts, right? ;)

    I think what's been worrying me is all the talk about Chevy's overheating.

    Mine overheated last week when I took it out for a practice run, but the temp was close to 70 outside. Talk about strange looks from drivers. After 15 minutes at 45 mph the temp started shooting up to +230.

    Tried again this weekend, temp was 50 outside, angled the blade all the way over, and kept heat full on with windows down. Ran steady at 210.

    If you know of a used truck and plow for $4000 to $5000 let me know.
  5. bolensdriver

    bolensdriver Senior Member
    Messages: 603

    hehe, what if people have some for under $4,000? :p
  6. cja1987

    cja1987 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,407

    Don't know of any, I don't want to be the one to make you decide to go out and buy another truck because honestly, i think you will be fine. Why have another truck sitting around. Team up with someone for this year (not go out and plow for/with them, just in the case of an emergency they can help you out). Then if you really want to expand your business, invest in another truck that will be an even more reliable for plowing. You said that this is your first year? You have to walk before you can run, i really would not be concerned with picking up another truck for the first year. What are you doing residential or commercial or both?
  7. Turfmower

    Turfmower Senior Member
    Messages: 376

    If you have 4 to 5 k instead of buying a used truck use that and the 150 as trade in on new truck, if you break down. Then look for dealer that has a plow truck on the lot you can get pretty good deals on them as they don't want to be sitting on it in the spring. With 0 % financing now. That would be my back up plan.
    I do have a old 84 f 250. I don't think I'll put back on the road. I rather have the payments than lose work, customers and money an I sitting in a old junker dead in the middle of a snow storm. Been there done that no more.
  8. Turfmower

    Turfmower Senior Member
    Messages: 376

  9. VBigFord20

    VBigFord20 Senior Member
    Messages: 686

    You never said what year F-150.

    I have a few F-150s, one is 2wd company truck. Its a 2004 Xl reg cab with the 4.6 and 3:55 open gears. In the summer its great (already ran it up to 20,000 miles) but with the TINYEST amount of snow it slades all over. We had our retauil store put a set of aggressive off road tires on the back today. It helped some.

    Im considering putting a plow on my 04 4x4. Its a XLT X-cab 5.4L with the towing package so it has a tranny cooler, a big one and its set up to tow 9600lbs.

    Im not sure yet about the added weight on the front IRS. Im thinking of lifting the front 2.5 to level it out, (like you said, entirely to much rake to these trucks) and loading the bed with salt and a hitch mount spreader.

    It wont be this winter though, truck still has less then 2000 miles on it and Id rather beat the s-10 to death first, which may be soon.