Plowing with a 2wd Chevy 3500HD???


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Anybody ever plow with a 2wd Chevy 3500hd. If so how does it do? Alot of guys around here plow with 2wd 1 tons so I wonder. My buddy plows with a 97 or so Ford Super Duty(F450) and says it does fine, he just loads it up with some sand. I cant see them doing as well as 4wd. I have a 2000 Chevy 3500HD with a 6.5 Diesel. Any feedback?.....

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Since you already have the truck,Id use it if i were you.The good thing is you have a 15K GVWR,so you can put 3-4 tons of sand or whatever in the back if needed.This and a set of snow tires will get you anywhere in flat lots,stay away from driveways and dont plow down hills you wont be able to back up.fisher makes a 9 and 10 ft plow for your truck,so i know if they make it,there must be a demamd for it.I think you'll be fine,but keep a strap and set of on spot chains to be sure you'll get out.that 3500HD is one beefy truck,plowing should be a problem for that truck at all.

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2wd will work, just stay within your limits!

By limits, I mean what John DiMartino referred to in his reply to your post. I have done essentially the same thing, I use a '75 GMC 1 ton (not quite a heavy as yours so you should have even better luck) for a couple of lots I take care of. You're right, it won't do what a 4x4 will but as John says, if you've already got the truck then use it! His advice regarding on spot chains and a tow strap is on the money too. In my case, that 10,000 lb winch has paid for itself a few times!

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3500hd chevy

I think you might want to check with the dealer regarding your warranty. I was looking at the 3500HD and a dealer told me there was restrictions on what you could ad on since they had some problems with frames/front ends torqueing on there HD series 3500's. Since we plow alot we went with the 4 wd 3500 with a plow kit. But I do like the HD's and come summer will prob wish I had the HD vice my 4 wheel drive model.


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The HD 3500 will work fine for plowing, I dont think you will have any frame issues. One thing about these trucks, the mounting kits seem to hang low, so be mindfull of that, especially with the boss attach system. Also I have heard of many tranny software issues, they must use a different programe than with the regualr 2500-3500 series trucks. I dont know if they have fixed it yet.
Powertrax is a company that makes HD lockers for a truck this size. I have a 2wd F350 that I plow with and have been seriously considering this option. You might try a search in this forum on Powertrax. Can't imagine hoew having 2 extra tires pulling or pushing could be a bad thing. As far as 2wd's do plowing I've certainly taken mine plenty of places it shouldn't have gone, but I've also scratched my head when not being able to move on the slightest incline.