Plowing with a 2 wheel drive????


Hi all, looking for some input again! I currently have 3 trucks equipped for snow plowing (86 Ford 8000, 82 GMC 1 ton dump and an 86 GMC 1 ton rack) the 2 GMC's are 4x4 gas engines. I am in the grounds maintenance business, not strictly plowing only, and had to make a decision. My 1 ton dump is obviously old but in great shape. Some little things were starting to go wrong and I didn't want to get caught breaking down in the middle of landscape season so I went out and bought a new 2002 Chevy 3500 dump. Its a 2 wheel drive gas engine. My goal was if I was going to buy a new truck it would be a diesel with 4 wheel drive but I just couldn't afford that right now. I didn't buy this truck with the expectations of doing snow removal with it since I have the other 3 but was wondering if you can plow effectively with a 2 wheel drive vehicle? Even though the 2 GMC's are 4x4's, I have seldom had to use 4 wheel drive while plowing with them. Just wondering what your thoughts are before I invest any money into putting a plow on this truck. Thanx.


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You will need load boosters for the front end to help support the weight of the plow.
Keep at least 2000# in the body at all times, very agressive tread pattern for the rear, flat open lots, hills will be a killer, locker in the rear would have been a good option, I hope you were able to get one. Plow with the storm, and keep a snatch strap hooked right up to the back of the truck, and a cell phone handy.
Anyone can plow with a 4x4 but it takes real talent to plow with a 4x2.
I wont get into why you didnt get the 4x4 option, but an extra 2K over the life of the truck loan would not have been very much extra in payments.