Plowing with 2WD dump


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Anyone plow with a Ford 450 or 500 2WD or chevy 3500HD? We have 2 GMC 4WD pickups & F550 4WD dump, and are currently looking for a second dump truck, have never plowed with 2WD & am looking for some input. Would be putting a salt box in the back & using Western V-plow

Kurt B.

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We have been plowing with our 3500HD - 2WD trucks for years without any problems. We have V-box salters or concrete blocks in the back of them for weight. As long as you plow large open lots they work fine. You can get into trouble trying to back up slopes or in tight spots if you plow small area's.

A.L. Inc.

Long Island, NY
We have a 99 Chevy 3500 2WD with 8'6" Western unimount. The truck is great for parking lots and some of the large, open residential driveways that we do. To be honest, I was surprised at how much snow the truck could push. As others have said, ballast is a must. Also, when I ordered the truck, I got the locking differential, which makes a big difference with traction. Mike


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Philadelphia, PA
We have a F350 DRW 4x2 with a 9' Western. Like everyone had mentioned...rear ballast and good tires are very important. I found an empty or slightly loaded vee box is perfect. I wouldn't plow with a loaded vee because its just added strain on the trans. Plow with 2WD does take a little finesse and stick to the flats. I remember a few storms pulling out our 4x4's with a 4x2. I'd also carry a winch or come-a-long just in case.



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While my dump truck is 4x4, I do the majority of my plowing in 2WD on a street route. The only time I use 4x4 is on the mountain run and during ice conditions for more control. AL's the only one who mentioned the posi rear, it would be a necessity with 2WD. For fairly level areas you should be OK, just don't get in too deep when pushing back piles.


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While i transport my plow from job to job i go 2wd and some times in large lots 2wd . but i do use it on hilly and winding areas.

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