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Plowing w/ Stick Shift

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by BurbLover, Nov 8, 2003.

  1. BurbLover

    BurbLover Junior Member
    Messages: 9

    How many guys plow with a stick shift out here? I;ve been recomemned to us an auto, but that's not what I have right know.

    With a stick, do you put the joystick on the left and shift with the Right or do both on the right?

    I really can't afford to put an auto tranny in and the truck was the right price.

  2. BWinkel

    BWinkel Senior Member
    Messages: 103

    I had a friend who plowed with a stick. Worked ok for him. He had the joy stick on the left.
  3. Plow Dak

    Plow Dak Member
    from Maine
    Messages: 48

    Hi BurbLover

    I plowed with a Standards for 12 years. i actually prefer it over a Auto. When you become one with the truck you can do things that you can't with a Auto and not hurt the truck. I run the controls from the left side. You get into a rythem Shifting to rev and running the plow at the same time. Some drivers will argue about leg problems after 10 hr's of plowing etc. some won't. It's all personal. Practice is everything and learning your truck. I never had to put a clutch in a truck because of plowing. Don't worry about a std. Be smart, don't ride the clutch, and use the weight of the truck to your advantage.
    Happy Plowing...
  4. GpGuy84

    GpGuy84 Member
    Messages: 39

    Ive have only plowed with a manny tranny and at first it can be a bit much, but you will find a rythem pretty quckly and it isnt all that bad. Good luck!!
  5. 76chevyman

    76chevyman Member
    Messages: 46

    I plow with a standerd and with my setup i wount have it any other way . a 350 4-barrel with a 4speed LOW. I never have to hit the gas just let the clucth out and it plows. And i have to low gear for really heavy snow. Its a great combo, but not for the highway. I will replace the clucth next spring and only becausr im taking the cab off and redoing the truck. My plow controls are in the middle. I had to cut the plow lever on the controls a little shorter because when i put the truck in reverse it would hit. But its all good now.:D

    CARDOCTOR PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,312

    i plow 79 f-350 stick

    controls on the left

    never had a problem
    pushed tons of snow
    after plowing for 3days in the big storm last yr
    my left leg was about to fall off
    so i upgraded to a ram 2500 auto
    heated mirrors more than one radio station
    hopefully it wont let me down


  7. griffithtlc

    griffithtlc Senior Member
    Messages: 213

    On our 80 Chev, we have the toggle switches attached just below the shifter knob, so you can steer as you shift, and operate the plow. Haven't got to plow with it, but it shold be all right.
  8. szorno

    szorno Senior Member
    Messages: 308

    We use autos so that back-up speeds are easier onthe engine. A manual is fine IF you do NOT ride the clutch. Take your foot compeltely off as much as possible. Scorched clutch and slow reverse speeds are the only drawbacks to a manual.
  9. Hubjeep

    Hubjeep Senior Member
    Messages: 502

    I have a manual in my Wrangler, I may swap an auto in.

    I currently have the plow joystick mounted to the center console, I can rest my arm, shift and controll the plow. Sometimes the clutch disc gets hot and starts chattering a bit.

    I think an auto may be easier.

    -John :cool:
  10. phillyplowking1

    phillyplowking1 Senior Member
    Messages: 412

    One of mine is a stick ,nothing like the LOW1 st.My slickstick is right on the shifter.
  11. Most do not agree with me, but I also prefer a standard. I've never had any clutch problems, but if I did, no big deal. I can change a clutch in a few hours for a few hundred $$. How much would a tranny for my cummins (or any other newer truck) cost, and how long would the truck be down for? Too much, and too long. Not to mention that it's not at all uncommon to for the automatics to go with heavy plowing. Leg problems, never had any problems with 24hr in the truck, but if you do than I can't argue with that. It comes down to personal preference along with everything else.
  12. Joe92GT

    Joe92GT Member
    Messages: 71

    I plowed the past few years with my truck as a stick. I was the old fisher belt driven hydrolic system, and with the stick, it was easy to get a rythm with the plow and stick.

    The only problem was after long periods of time, my left knee would start to hurt. Not my leg, just the joint. Problaby because I'm a skier, and put a lot of strain on it that way.

    It was bad,because on the last day of plowing, it was always back and forth in tight spots, and my knee couldn't take it. I began looking for ways to not hit the clutch, so it became a distraction.

    I threw an automatic in for the winter, and with the new western unimount, should work fine. If I don't like it, I'll throw a stick back in.

    My driving style kept blowing the week clutches they make for my truck. 3 clutches, in 3 years. The springs would literally break off. The other reason I went with the auto. (I drive a really high HP turbo'd mustang) and am a bit of a gear slammer.. That carries over to my truck.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2003
  13. BurbLover

    BurbLover Junior Member
    Messages: 9

    Sounds to me that I need not worry about my stick.

    Now, to make a decision on where to put the joystick.

    1 - Locate on passnegr side to use both hands at once.

    2 - Attach to side of shifter to use both with one hand. (I am used to using my right hand.)

  14. iski3d

    iski3d Junior Member
    Messages: 29

    I plow with a stick. It can be done and you can get a nice rhythm going with it, but my leg gets tired too. You definetly want to mount the controls on the right side, because you are probably used to steering with your left hand if you are driving a stick.
  15. vector6

    vector6 Senior Member
    Messages: 150


    SIPLOWGUY Senior Member
    Messages: 686

    I was a confirmed 4 speed creeper gear guy untill I got spoiled with an Automatic. I love the stick but am very comfortable with an Automatic now! I do worry about cooking the trans but I have had no problem so far. FYI... I never put a clutch in any vehicle I had. My Dad was a great teacher! Thats why I try to be just like him!:) :) :)
  17. m&m owner

    m&m owner Member
    from MN
    Messages: 33

    I have 2 trucks with manual trans. I like them because they are very tough. but draw backs that I have had are throw out bearings because all the back and forth and along with that is the sore left knee. one other thing my 1-ton has 4:56 gears, very,very slow reverse
  18. derekbroerse

    derekbroerse 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,377

    I am in the same boat as M&M..... 4.56 gears makes reverse move like a turtle.

    I put a clutch in last year for the first time after five years of plowing on a high mileage truck... to the best of my knowledge the truck has been plowing its whole life but I have no way of knowing how many clutches have been thru it. This is my first one, and the clutch itself wasn't gone, it was the throw-out bearing that gave up, the previous owner cheaped out and put the old one back in when he changed the clutch (he told me so after I changed it). I put the whole clutch kit in while I had it apart, but could have gotten another season out of the existing one.

    I have left knee problems from an old injury.... if it becomes a problem while plowing I take two aspirin and put on one of those neoprene slide-on knee braces (available in any drug store for a few bucks) and I am good again until I finish, with no residual probs. Works for me.

    Something I just realized, along with my SM465 four speed I am adding to it with an Advance Adapters Overdrive box (goes on where the clutch goes)... hopefully before winter but may not make it this year. Just realized that it will give me a two speed reverse gear..... ;)
  19. Mark Witcher

    Mark Witcher Senior Member
    Messages: 605

    I used to plow with a manual. Had the control on the right side. I do alot of large parking lots and the slow backup speed was a real time killer. Also with the auto its much easier to push up the piles with out slipping the clutch. So 3 years ago I converted my truck to an auto. Time has been reduced significantly and my left leg is now much happier.