Plowing w/2500hd duramax?


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I am looking to get a plow for my 2500hd duramax ext cab. Does anyone else out there plow with this truck. I have heard that Chevy does not recommend a plow for this truck and that it would void the warranty. I plow with an 82 1 ton Chevy now but I am getting tired of driving that thing around for plowing. If anyone does, what kind of plow and what size? I have always used Meyer plows. Thanks JR


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The nice thing with a diesel is that you get all the HD upgrades. Coolers hd suspension and the like. ANy plow will work on that truck up to 8.5'. Skip the meyers, they just make the parts guy money. Find out what brand your local good supplier/ dealer sells, and go with that.
IMO a v plow or the blizzard 810

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My friend has an 8'2" Boss V plow on his 01 excab duramax,the frame hangs a little low,but i think they all do on the chevy HD's.He says the plow works great,but he wouldnt want on any heavier,but it handles it just fine,like Dino said diesel has dual batterys,all HD stuff standard.If i could do it over id get a Blzzard 810.

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You can definately plow with a 2500HD. I have a 2500HD duramax and put a 8 foot fisher on it. Ive looked at many 2500s, and most have 8 footers, but some have 8.5 footers. Ive also seen a couple v's.

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If they say it will void your warrenty i will get you pictures of all the durmax deisels at the dealerships that they are selling with plows on them brand new. If they said it voids your warrenty then this is false advertising.
I plow with a 2001 silverado 1500 with a diamond plow and the plow doesn't void my warrenty. A 2500hd on the other hand i see guys towing everything under the sun with their's. I'm sure if you can hall 4 big work horses in a trailer than you can plow snow.

I say go for it Look at the picture must be nice :drinkup:
Hello folks!

We have installed Blizzard 810's on a number of the new GM trucks including extended cabs with the Duramax. We've even installed Model 810's on a Chevy Avalanche 2500!

I am not sure of GM's official position regarding a plow on this vehicle as it relates to warranty, however, I think they know that if they want to continue to be in the truck business they need to realize that some of us actually WORK with our trucks.

I also believe that the dealer has everything to do with a warranty decision.

A case in point: My own personal vehicle is a 2000 F-350 PSD Crew Cab. According to FoMoCo a plow is a no-no. I have a Blizzard 810 Power Plow proudly hanging up front. At 27,000 miles I had to take my truck back to the dealer for some oddball things like my tailgate lock locking by itself and the dome light staying on (all the super-duty owners are chuckling here!). My dealer called me back and said the technician heard a rattling up front and found that some of the steering components were worn and needed replacing. He had the parts ordered and had me going the following day. My cost... a simple thank you.

If a problem is truly a manufacturer's defect, it should be covered. My problem was something that could have easily been blamed on the plow, but the dealership just took care of the problem. Ford paid them, they have a very satisfied customer...

With a truck, a plow, a lawn mower... what ever you buy, you need to deal with a reputable dealer who will be there with the service and support.

Keep in mind... "The bitterness of poor quality and poor service remains long after the sweetness of a cheaper price is gone..." (author unknown)


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jrodgers ------ If your truck came with the Plow Prep package there is no way Chevy can void your warranty. I would recommend a 8' plow on an ext. cab, it really helps when plowing along curves. I would buy a plow from a dealer you can trust and get great service from. I run a 9' Sno-way Vee on my 02 Ext. cab long box ,because my truck is so long and i like the down pressure system.

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As long as it has the "plow prep" & you dont overload the weight limit on the truck your fine.

If you show up at the dealer with a 12ft V on the thing with your front end is screwed up, your going to see some strage faces & chuckling in the background.

If it dosnt have the "plow prep" you better have a very good relationship with your dealer because thay are not required to warranty it.

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We use a 2002 3500 Crew Cab Dual with Fisher Spreader and Sno-Way HD plow...Your customers in condo's will appreciate the low noise of the Duramax vs your Cummings !


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I have a 2002 Ford Powerstroke and we pulled up next to one of the new Dodge diesels the other day. My worker is a Dodge fan so he was curious to see what it sounded like. That is way too quiet for me, one cool part of a diesel is the great sounds. Even on startup after the light changed to green we couldn't hardly hear it. I was dissapointed, and even happier to be driving my FORD. :)


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2500HD D/A with plow

jrodgers, just to give you an idea, I have a regular cab long bed with a 7 1/2 Western Pro Plow, this is with the torsion bars turned 2 times both sides with no weight in back.

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I run a k1500 with a 305 motor and an 8 ft western, i dont think your 2500 deisel will have any problems. torsions turned up and about 400lbs in back. I know its not as nice as the other rigs on here but i got a good deal, ALOT of stuff has been replaced and it runs just about perfect :)