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Driving down the highway on the way to lunch and saw a guy in a fairly new truck stuck at the end of his unplowed driveway. He flagged me down and asked if I'd get him loose. Hooked the tow strap to it and pulled it free, then he asked if I'd plow out his driveway. Now this is about a half mile long, over a small bridge and about half of it is uphill. He leaves his truck on the side of the road and rides with me to show me where to go. Come to find out, he had an old beat up jeep with an old beat up 6' Meyers that he'd gotten stuck, then got his other truck to go get help and got it stuck. He kept saying "damn, thing thing is pushing a lot of snow." Finally asked if it's a Fisher. I told him yeah, what have you got, a Meyer". "Yeah". What really got him was when we went uphill pushing snow about 2' above the moldboard at full angle. Course the Dodge with a set of new aggressive treads had a lot to do with it. In all fairness, that Meyer was ancient and leaking fluid in a steady stream. The Jeep had no brakes. The snow was about was about 14" deep and heavy.


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