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We have the opportunity to bid on some roads ranging from under 1mile to over 2miles. How do you bid this type of plowing? Also most will need sanding service also and not sure on costs there? We do shopping centers, condominium complexes and misc and would like to add roads to our lists. Thanks for your help!

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The $1,000 was for a public street/road. GeoffDiamond also discussed in the past. The $100 I referred to was for a narrow, flat, straight private road that was to be plowed at any accumulation (even less than an inch). I actually had someone tell me that $100 was too much and offered me $40 to plow about one mile with 8" accumulation this winter. I turned it down, but he found someone else who does a considerable amount of plowing.

There are major differences between plowing public and private roads. Not only do they take more passes and more time - but the insurance for a private road does not cover a public road, different equipment etc.

I was comparing stories with another guy I know in this area and we had both unknowing bid on that same road. Neither of us got it, but we had both bid exactly the same amount for the season.

Being from southern Maine and less rural, you may get more.

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