Plowing Rates ???


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Just wondering what you guys do for Billing, when working for a disbacher?

Do you charge by the hour or job, and what about the time to get to the other sites. hear it could be 30mins just to go 5 miles.

I feel I was a little low past years. Never thinking of wear and tear for the truck and plow, also our fuil has inreased diesel 48cents litter then to now over 75 cents litter

We don't get much snow hear (Vancouver BC) but you always have to be ready. Last year there was only one storm for us to plow, thought many times there were snow advisories making you hold all plans in you normal line of work.

I don't do this plowing for need of employment just that I am a contractor, and all my work is outside, so when it snows it is kind of nice to go plowing, and stay warm.

I run a 94 ford 350 auto with a 8ft artic straight Blade. This is a grate plow truck it shure can take abuse. Though I have a 2001 dodge 1ton dually 6 spd with that new high out put cummings. I plan on putting a boss 9'2" on it this week. Would any of you operators be able to give me the average rate this truck would dispatch out for? I would apreciate any input.

Thank you.

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Those of us who have dispatchers, are dispatchers that work for our company only. We use them just to keep track of where trucks and equipment is and who is doing what.

We do not sit out there in our trucks waiting for a call to plow some place from a dispatch center.


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I have my accounts all lined up,no dispatching here,just cell phones,and pagers.We have a route all done in advance,the only thing that changes it is the amount of snow.We dont do call ins unless we are all done,and the sign on for the season.I do not like any surprises when plowing,so we dont go into a new driveway plowing,if we havent seen it without snow,to many risks,not enough pay to justify it.

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Guys, I'm guessing "dispatching " might be a Canadian term for our "subbing". In which case, I'll give the standard answer that every region is different. Try talking to other contractors and subcontractors in your area to get a feel for the going rates.


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The term SUBBING was what I ment to say. Anyways thankyou for the replies.

Good point on not taking jobs during the storms, and getting a pre inspection of the sites at all times.

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I take it a step further, and photograph all new sites before plowing (in the fall). Then when they try to tell me I damaged something, I have proof I did not. If I did, by all means I will repair it, but I will not be responsible for curbstones that have been loose or missing for 5 years!
Just ask John Allin how many angles I take photos from ;)


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